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This is an overview of all the press releases about our campaigns; the launch of new hotlines, ships campaigns, legal battles, and other events.

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  • TIME 100: Rebecca Gomperts is among the 100 most influential people of 2020

    For immediate release, September 23nd, 2020
    Dr. Rebecca Gomperts, founder of Women on Web, Women on Waves and AidAccess, has been chosen among the 100 most influential people of the world in 2020 by Time magazine.
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  • Spain censors information about abortion amid Covid-19 lockdown.

    For immediate release, June 17 th, 2020:

    Spain blocks access the website of the women's rights organisation Women on Web, which provides information about safe abortion services. Lees meer »

  • Rechter biedt geen soelaas voor vrouwen die nu op een abortus wachten en hun huis niet uit kunnen.

    PERSBERICHT, Amsterdam 10 April 2020

    Om 16:00 uur vandaag wees de rechtbank Den Haag vonnis in het kort geding van Trix (alias) tegen de Staat, motivering komt pas dinsdag.

    Vrouwen moeten naar een abortuskliniek om de medicatie op te halen. Door de COVID-19 maatregelen kunnen… Lees meer »

  • Kort geding: Maak abortuspil toegankelijker ten tijde van COVID-19

    PERSBERICHT 10 April, 2020:

    Vandaag vindt het kort geding tegen het ministerie van VWS plaats om te zorgen dat de maatregelen ten tijde van COVID-19 geen obstakel vormen voor de toegang tot abortus hulpverlening.

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  • Verzoek aan minister om toegang tot abortuszorg in COVID-19 tijd te waarborgen via telemedicine

    Persbericht 2-3-2020: Lees meer »

  • Instagram censor Abortion Rights Face-filter.

    Instagram did not approve the virtual face-filter version of the Lady Liberty Abortion Pill Crown, a jewellery designed by Eva van Kempen. The campaign was planned to launch today, March 4 th, with the start of US Supreme Court hearing of the case challenging a deceptive law that aims to eliminate… Lees meer »

  • Research shows obstacles to abortion access in the Netherlands

    November 7 th, 2019
    For immediate release: Research from the telemedical abortion service Women on Web shows that some women living in the Netherlands cannot access abortion services in clinics. During a 9 months period 172 women living in the Netherlands completed the online consultation. Lees meer »

  • Aid Access Will Continue Providing Abortion Care

    On March 8, 2019, I received a letter from the FDA ordering my new (since 2018) organization, Aid Access, to stop providing telemedical abortion services to women who cannot otherwise access safe abortions because of costs, domestic violence, distance, or other reasons, and who they do not have… Lees meer »

  • Overtijdpil, Mifepriston is niet crimineel

    Op 13 december komen Women on Waves, Bureau Clara Wichman en de Bovengrondse in actie voor het terugdraaien van de onrechtmatige strafbaarstelling van de overtijdpil Mifepriston bij Gerechtshof Den Haag. De demonstranten zullen om 9.00 een boodschap voor de rechter op hun buik tonen. Daarnaast… Lees meer »

  • New study of Women on Web data shows harm caused by restrictive abortion laws in Northern Ireland.

    Amsterdam. October 19 th, 2018.
    Research finds that the country’s strict abortion laws have negative consequences for women’s well-being and there there is no significant decrease of women looking for access to online abortion pills through Women on web, even though women from Northern Ireland… Lees meer »

  • International experts condemn attempt to further restrict abortion in Poland.

    For immediate release 17-10-2018:

    Warsaw, Poland - Women on Waves and the Sisterhood Network teamed up to fight attempts to further restrict abortion rights in Poland. A case brough by the group of Members of the Lower Chamber of The Parliament (Sejm) to the Constitutional Tribunal… Lees meer »

  • Międzynarodowe ekspertki potępiają zaostrzenie prawa aborcyjnego w Polsce

    Komunikat prasowy. 17 października 2018:
    Warszawa, Polska - Women on Waves i Sisterhood Network połączyły siły w walce przeciwko dalszemu zaostrzeniu zakazu aborcji w Polsce. Grupa posłów wniosła do Trybunału Konstytucyjnego wniosek o stwierdzenie niekonstytucyjności przesłanki dopuszczającej… Lees meer »

  • Abortion Pill Protest in Seoul, South Korea 2018

    For immediate release:
    26-8-2018: Today 125 women swallowed the abortion pill in defiance of the restrictive abortion laws in South Korea. Even though abortion is illegal, every hour 125 women have an abortion in South Korea. The protest took place in front of Boshingak in the center of Seoul. Lees meer »

  • Abortion Robots will deliver abortion pills in Belfast, Northern Ireland

    For Immediate release:
    Abortion robots will deliver abortion pills to women in Belfast, Northern Ireland on May 31 st. With the robot the abortion pills can be supplied to women Northern Ireland without breaking the law because the robot is operated from the Netherlands. A few days ago Ireland… Lees meer »

  • YouTube censors lifesaving abortion information

    Update January 16 th, 2018 16.00:
    YouTube has just reposted the channels of Women on Waves and Women on Web, However the YouTube account of another abortion rights group is still blocked.

    January 15 th 11.00:
    YouTube removed the video channels from… Lees meer »

  • Data from Women on Web show barriers to access abortion in Great Britain

    For immediate release:
    New research into the data from the online medical abortion service Women on Web found that many women in Great Britain experience barriers to access including long waiting times, distance to a clinic, work or childcare commitments, privacy concerns and controlling… Lees meer »

  • Darmowe recepty elektroniczne na antykoncepcję awaryjną w Polsce!

    Wczoraj, 25. maja 2017, polski rząd zagłosował za ograniczeniem dostępu do każdego typu antykoncepcji awaryjnej poprzez wprowadzenie wymogu okazania recepty przed jej zakupem.
    Środki antykoncepcji awaryjnej są dostępne bez recepty w prawie wszystkich krajach europejskich.
    W odpowiedzi na… Lees meer »

  • Free electronic prescriptions for emergency contraceptives for Poland!

    Yesterday, May 25 th, the Polish Government voted in favour of limiting access to all emergency contraception by requiring a doctor’s prescription. Emergency contraceptive is available over the counter in almost all European countries. In response to this violation of women’s rights, Women on Web… Lees meer »

  • Online Abortion Service Women on Web: a vital alternative.

    May 17th, 2017: A new scientific study published today in the BMJ shows that telemedical abortions are highly effective.

    The study was conducted by researchers from the University of Texas in Austin, Princeton University and the University of Edinburgh. They looked at the data of 1,000… Lees meer »

  • Abortion ship sailed outside Mexican territorial waters for second time.

    For immediate release April 22, 2017: Women on Waves sailed out again with several women to international waters today from Zihuatanejo, Mexico. There was no interference from the authorities. The ship did not need any special permission for coastal sailing.
    The last 2 days, more than 70 women… Lees meer »

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