We will sail again on monday 23 august

On invitation of local organizations the ship of Women on Waves will set sail again. During a press conference on Monday, August 23, Women on Waves will make a statement about the aim of the voyage and disclose the next destination of the ship.

Women on Waves, founded in 1999, aims to prevent unwanted pregnancy and illegal unsafe abortions. Every 6 minutes somewhere on the world a woman dies needlessly as a result of illegal, unsafe abortion. In response to this violation of women‚s human rights and medical need, Women on Waves operates a mobile clinic on a ship that sails to countries where abortion is illegal. This is done at the invitation of local women's organizations. With the use of a ship, early medical abortions can be provided safely, professionally and legally. In countries where abortion is illegal, the local laws only apply within territorial waters; outside this 12-mile zone Dutch law applies on board a Dutch ship. In 2002 the Dutch Minister of Health confirmed in writing that Women on Waves can safely and legally provide the abortion pill to women with early unwanted pregnancies (overtijdbehandeling) on board the ship.

Women on Waves already sailed to Ireland (2001) and Poland (2003). This will be the third campaign of Women on Waves.

The press confrence will be given at 14.30 hours, at Neptunus, het Nieuwe Diep 34, Den Helder.