Become Active


Not everybody has the possibility to be a public activist. But there are many ways people can participate to make safe abortion available. To shatter abortion stigma we invite you to break the silence by sharing your own story with us. Additionally, we invite you to print and paste instructions on how to do a safe medical abortion with misoprostol in public spaces to widely disseminate this life-saving information for women who need it. Sometimes misoprostol is only available on prescription and doctors are unwilling to write a prescription therefor we want to put example prescriptions on our website that women can print and use. So please send us an example prescription from your country! We also welcome you to purchase a t-shirt or to donate directly.

  • Break The Silence

    You can help support abortion rights and help break the taboo around abortion. Please go to Women on Web to show your face and share your story. Or donate money to help other women around the world to get safe abortion. If you live in a country where there is no access to safe abortion services and… Read more »

  • Safe Abortion Stickers

    Help women get access to information how they can safely do an abortion themselves. Scroll down, click on the sticker in your language, print and paste it everywhere: public bathrooms, cafes, restaurants, busses, trains, waiting rooms, and dressing rooms. Read more »

  • Order a T-shirt

    By ordering one of these t-shirts you donate 5 euro to Women on Waves.
    Or you can do a subversive action by wearing the t-shirt with the QR scan containing information how to do a safe abortion yourself with misoprostol.
    Order you t-shirts here:
    Read more »

  • Example of prescription for misoprostol!

    Women in need of a safe medical abortion with misoprostol alone can make their own prescription to get the medicines from a pharmacy and do not have to pay enormous amounts for misoprostol on the black market that are even often fake. Read more »

  • Donate!

    We depend on your contributions to continue our activities. Donations to Women on Waves are considered charitable contributions in the Netherlands. As a result, donations are tax deductible. For more information about how to support our work, please feel free to contact us. If you would like to… Read more »