Invitation to visit the Women on Waves ship

Dear women's rights defender,

MALI and Women on Waves would like to invite you to Marina Smir on Friday October 5 th to meet the crew and participants from the campaign. Member of the Dutch Parliament Liesbeth van Tongeren will also be there and would very much like to meet with you. During the meeting we would like to discuss how the Netherlands can support women's rights in Morocco and the legalization of abortion in Morocco. The meeting will start at 14.30 so that also participants from Rabat and Casablanca and other cities can come.

MALI (movement alternative pour les libertees individuals`) has invited the Dutch organization Women on Waves to come to Morocco with the abortion ship.  The ship can provide women with legal medical abortions under Dutch law after sailing to international waters.

The ship will also launch a hotline number 0633234333 where women can get information about safe medical abortion.  A medicine called misoprostol, that can be used to induce a safe abortion is widely available in Morocco under the brand name Artotec.  Misoprostol is on WHO’s List of Essential Medicines. Most women are not aware of this safe abortion method that requires only 12 tablets of Artotec. The WHO’s recommended method of medical abortion is 4 tablets of misoprostol  (200 mcg) administered under the tongue. Up to three repeat doses of 800 μg can be administered at intervals of at least 3 hours, but for no longer than 12 hours.

Abortion is illegal and taboo in Morocco, but approximately 600 to 800 women still have an abortion every day. While wealthy women can afford safe abortion access, women of low socio-economic-status must often resort to unsafe methods that can result in morbidity and death.  Therefore, access to safe abortion is fundamentally an issue of social justice.  According to the World Health Organization (WHO), unsafe abortion methods cause 13% of pregnancy-related deaths.

MALI has invited Women on Waves to support the movement for legalization of abortion and to make information about the use of Artotec easily accessible. This scientific information is protected under Article 25 of the Moroccan Constitution that guarantees the Right to freedom of expression.

To support legalization of abortion in Morocco, people can sign the petition

Please send an email to to confirm that you will come

Or call:


MALI and Women on Waves

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“Abortion ship will arrive in Smir

Abortion Ship Will Visit Morocco Next Week.

For immediate release: "Abortion Ship Will Visit Morocco Next Week"

Relevant laws in Morocco

Article 25 of the Constitution guarantees the Right to freedom of expression.

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