We, at Diesel, have a dream.
What if we gave our female workers the same rights as successful people?
A factory where they decide over their own bodies.
Where they can have happy accidents without concequences
A factory only for the brave

Diesel is proud to announce a new milestone in its ongoing campaign for successful living. To make a free lifestyle possible for young women in emerging markets, it will help them conquer a key life challenge: the right to safe abortion. Welcome to Misopolis, a brave new world for female factory workers.
What would it be like to give the female factory workers the same lives as successful people? Give them rights, fair wages and proper working conditions? Pregnancy leave? The right to safe abortions? A factory for only the brave?

After launching Diesel Island, Land of the Stupid and Home of the Brave, Diesel now creates Misopolis, a factory where brave female workers can have happy accidents without consequences. Misopolis will be the least fucked-up fashion factory in the world. But this is not just another factory – it is a destination that finally grants them real autonomy.

Our new website www.dieselforwomen.com, shows the creation of the world’s happiest garment factory. Female factory workers in Misopolis live an exciting life; filled with fun and wild parties. Think Metropolis but with lots of sex.

This is just the start of our grand vision. There will be more photos and videos of life in Misopolis, the opportunity to donate abortion pills and of course to buy workers’ rights-friendly clothes! It's the beginning of a real revolution.

It’s the news that female factory workers all over the world have been waiting for. After being marginalized, abused, raped, impoverished and exploited by the garment industry, we are giving them recognition, dignity, the right to have a safe abortion and fun.