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This is an overview of all the press releases about our campaigns; the launch of new hotlines, ships campaigns, legal battles, and other events.

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Dron aborcyjny: program na dzień 27 czerwca 2015 roku

Dron aborcyjny wystartuje o godzinie 11 sprzed Konzerthalle Carl Phillip…

Dron Aborcyjny - pierwszy lot do Polski

Oświadczenie dla prasy:

W sobotę 27. czerwca “Abortion drone” po raz pierwszy…

iTunes release of Vessel, documentary about Women on Waves in Latin America.

The footage of Vessel includes an animation that shows how women can do a safe…

Twitter censorship online abortion service Women on Web!

Update 14.45:

BBC newsnight-Interview with Rebecca Gomperts-2014

On November 6th 2014, BBC Newsnight interviewed Rebecca Gomperts, the founder…

See VESSEL, film about Women on Waves.

VESSEL, a timely, provocative, and mobilizing film about the work of Women on…

Dutch Consulate General in Istanbul censors text by Gomperts

Press release December 20 th, 2012:
Consulate General of the Netherlands in…

Invitation for press conference in Rabat, October 8 th

For immediate release: Invitation for press conference Women on Waves and MALI

Moroccan Authorities Close Down Harbor of Smir.

Moroccan warships block entrance of Women on Waves ship in the harbor of Smir.

Abortion ship will arrive in Smir, Morocco, Today!

For immediate release October 3 rd, 2012:

“Abortion ship will arrive in Smir

Abortion Ship Will Visit Morocco Next Week.

For immediate release: "Abortion Ship Will Visit Morocco Next Week"

Vatican occupied by abortion rights activists!

The Vatican is decorated with a banner displaying the text “Abortion Pills, A…