Art Projects


Women on Waves is an organization that uses multiple strategies to promote the message that women have fundamental autonomy over their own bodies. One of the ways that it communicates this belief is through artistic expression. Over the years we have engaged in various art projects, collaborating with artists, designers, filmmakers, and curators.

  • Instagram censor Abortion Rights Face-filter.

    Instagram did not approve the virtual face-filter version of the Lady Liberty Abortion Pill Crown, a jewellery designed by Eva van Kempen. The campaign was planned to launch today, March 4 th, with the start of US Supreme Court hearing of the case challenging a deceptive law that aims to eliminate… Lees meer »

  • Artwork by Tanisa Sharif Inspired by Vessel

    October 2015 Lees meer »

  • Lees meer »

  • Vatican occupied by abortion rights activists!

    The Vatican is decorated with a banner displaying the text “Abortion Pills, A Gift From God” and instructions how to do an abortion yourself with a medicine called misoprostol. Lees meer »

  • Diesel for Women

    Women on Waves designed a hoax campaign "Diesel for Women" to expose the violations of women’s rights that take place in the garment industry. The hoax is a parody on the PR campaigns and the reluctance to address human rights by the fashion industry in general and Diesel in particular. Lees meer »

  • WoW at Creative Times in New York!

    Women on Waves gave a presentation at Creative Times and participated in the wall street occupation mediacoverage: Lees meer »

  • Mobile treatmentroom designed by Joep van Lieshout

    The mobile treatment room of Women on Waves was designed by the artists Joep van Lieshout. The Mondriaan stichting provided funding. The treatment room was shown in the Venice Biennal of 2001 and described in several art magazines.
    The design was first presented at the exhibition Play-Use in… Lees meer »

  • Introducing an international symbol

    The essence of the-safety-pin campagne is to pull the themes abortion and unwanted pregnancy out of the closet and onto the public agenda. This progress towards an active international debate has an international symbol: the safety pin. Different media explore the themes and each offer simple… Lees meer »

  • Exhibition: I had an Abortion

    I had an abortion. Poddalam sie aborcji. Jien ghamilt abort. Eu fiz um aborto. Ho fatto un aborto. J'ai eu un avortement. Ich hatte eine abtreibung. Yo aborte. Did you have an abortion? ACT ! Lees meer »

  • Fame! Glory! Compulsory EU leader tours!

    In June 2003, Women on Waves got a spot in the first Biennial of Thessalonica in an exhibition titled "Europe Exists". Lees meer »

  • "I had an abortion" art installation

    Lees meer »

  • This is my abortion

    On the website, a woman documented her vacuum aspiration Lees meer »