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This is an overview of all the press releases about our campaigns; the launch of new hotlines, ships campaigns, legal battles, and other events.

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  • Portuguese Parliament Approves National Referendum On Loosening Abortion

    25 Oct 2006: Finally almost 2 years after winning the elections the socialist government will held a referendum on abortion on February 11, 2007. If the referendum is approved by the president and constitutional court, voters will be asked: "Do you agree with the decriminalization of the… Lees meer »

  • Raad van State vernietigt 25 kilometer beperking aan vergunning Women on Waves .

    Na aanvankelijke weigering door de Minister van VWS in 2002 om Women on Waves een vergunning te verlenen - voor het afbreken van zwangerschappen in het eerste trimester (tot 13 weken) in een mobiele kliniek die op een boot of vrachtwagen kan worden verplaatst - is de weigering door de rechtbank… Lees meer »

  • European Parliament debates abortion ship

    BRUSSELS, Belgium -- European Parliament legislators on Thursday turned a fight over abortion rights in Portugal into an emotional and divisive debate on women's rights and the division between church and state. (The full text of the debate can be found at website EU Please click on… Lees meer »

  • Back home from Portugal

    The Women on Waves ship Borndiep arrived back in the Netherlands on Tuesday the 14 th of September The ship and its crew had left for Portugal on august 23 on the invitation of the Portuguese organizations Não te Prives, Youth Action for Peace, UMAR and Club Safe. Lees meer »

  • Medical Team flies back to the Netherlands Sunday, 12th of september

    As planned, Dr. Rebecca Gomperts, Dr. Gunilla Kleiverda, Gemma Pagano and the rest of our team will return home with flight TAP 662 at 18:00 hours from Lisboa Airport. Lees meer »

  • Rumours of prosecution exaggerated

    A Portuguese anti-abortion group has accused Rebecca Gomperts of breaking the Portuguese law because she explained on the Portuguese television how an abortion can be done. Lees meer »

  • On the appeal in Coimbra administrative court.

    Today Paulo Portes claimed at 13.00 that the court in Coimbra had affirmed his decision of keeping the Borndiep out of Portuguese national waters. His incorrect statements made it clear that he had not read the court decidion, which was actually also impossible as it only arrived at the lawyers… Lees meer »

  • Borndiep sails to the North. Dutch politicians meet Portuguese.

    In the morning of Friday September 3 the captain of the ship Borndiep of Women on Waves, informed a shipping agency of the harbour in Figueira da Foz, Portugal, that the ship needed to bunker gasoline and fresh water. Lees meer »


    CGTP-IN: A decisão do Governo português de impedir a entrada do barco da organização holandesa Women on Waves em águas nacionais, é, para a CGTP-IN, acima de tudo, uma hipocrisia e constitui uma violação grave do direito à liberdade de expressão, de informação e de livre circulação de pessoas. Lees meer »

  • Comments to the statement of Dutch Minister of Foreign affairs of The Netherlands

    The minister Bot has stated that the Portuguese Minister of Defense cannot prevent the ship from entering Portuguese territorial waters on the bases of his sole argument that the ship violates the United Nations convention of the Sea. Lees meer »

  • Paulo Portas makes false accusations again;

    Once again Women on Waves would like to declare that it all its activities on Portuguese territory will comply with all Portuguese laws. Paulo Portas does not seem to want to hear that the ship has and never had any intention to distribute any medicines within Portugal. Lees meer »

  • Portugese Government in violation of international treaties


  • Statement nr. 0010/SEAM/2004 from the Presidency of the Council of Ministers of Portugal

    Here are the faxes of the portugese ministers that do not want us to come to Portugal. Lees meer »

  • Permission requested to enter Harbour of Figueira da Foz

    Following the normal procedures, today (27-08-04)Women on Waves officially requested authorization to enter the harbour of Figueira da Foz. Within the European Union the request for authorization is only a formality. Lees meer »

  • Women on Waves vaart uit naar Portugal

    Op uitnodiging van de Portugese organisaties Não te Prives, Youth Action for Peace, UMAR en Club Safe vaart het schip van Women on Waves uit naar Portugal, waar het ongeveer twee weken verblijft. Lees meer »

  • We will sail again on monday 23 august

    On invitation of local organizations the ship of Women on Waves will set sail again. During a press conference on Monday, August 23, Women on Waves will make a statement about the aim of the voyage and disclose the next destination of the ship. Lees meer »

  • Women on Waves sets sail to Poland

    Polish civil rights and women's organizations have invited Women on Waves to support them in their struggle for legal and safe abortion in Poland. Abortion was legal ten years ago. Lees meer »

  • Ship arrives today in Wladyslawowo

    Because of stormy weather the ship of Women on Waves will arrive today, Friday, at approximately 17 hours in the harbor of Wladyslawowo. Lees meer »

  • Ship cannot dock

    Because of stormy weather no boat is allowed into the harbor of Wladyslawowo. Lees meer »

  • International consensus on reproductive rights

    During the 'International Conference on Population and Development' in Cairo (1994), and during the 'Forth World Conference on Women' in Bejing (1995) the General Assembly of the United Nations has stated that 'Governments and organizations are urged to strengthen their commitment to women's health Lees meer »

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