Moroccan Authorities Close Down Harbor of Smir.


Moroccan warships block entrance of Women on Waves ship in the harbor of Smir.

police blocking harbour

The Moroccan authorities have taken action against the ship of Women on Waves. Marina Smir has been completely closed. Warships now block the entrance. Despite this obstacle and the presence of intensive Moroccan police security, Women on Waves will not allow this to prohibit dissemination about the availability of safe medical abortion for Moroccan women.

The ship will also launch a hotline number 0633234333 where women can get information about safe medical abortion. A medicine called misoprostol, that can be used to induce a safe abortion at home (till 12 weeks of pregnancy) is available in Morocco under the brand name Artotec. Misoprostol is on WHO’s List of Essential Medicines. Unfortunately, most women are not aware of this safe abortion method that requires only 12 tablets of Artotec. The WHO’s recommended method of medical abortion is 4 tablets of misoprostol (200 mcg) administered under the tongue. Up to three repeat doses of 800 μg should be administered at intervals of at least 3 hours, but for no longer than 12 hours.

Women on Waves is currently working on alternative strategy.

For more information please call:

MALI: 212610177421
Women on Waves: 31652052561 or  (212) 638926511
Safe abortion hotline: 0633234333 (women can leave a message).