Here you will find many valuable resources. If you click on a country in the country map, you will get information about the brand of misoprostol that is sold, current abortion laws, and other information. Furthermore you can download our original training manual. This training manual covers menstruation, contraception, sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), high risk sex or rape, pregnancy, birth, how to use misoprostol to prevent post-partum hemorrhaging (PPH), and how to use misoprostol for safe abortion. We also have low-literacy instructions for safe abortion with misoprostol and safe birth with misoprostol. There are also links to scientific articles and resources of the WHO. Please feel free to download and spread all this material.

  • Download the Abortion App

    For use by women: Select language and country to learn everything about the law, the availability of abortion pills, how to get and use them and what clinics or organizations are working on abortion issues in your country. Calculate pregnant duration with the pregnancy calculator and read all about… Read more »

  • Training Manuals

    Everybody interested to learn how to provide information about the best use of misoprostol and how to train others, can download our training material here in english, french, arabic, kurdish, urdu, etc.
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  • Abortion with pills English

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  • Misoprostol dans le contexte de la grossesse

    Un site Internet avec des conseils complets quant à la littérature médicale existante sur l’utilisation du Misoprostol dans le contexte de la grossesse. En langue anglaise avec un résumé en allemand. Read more »

  • Un accouchement sans danger avec le Misoprostol

    Les saignements abondants survenant après l'accouchement (connus sous le nom d'hémorragie du post-partum ou HPP) représentent l'une des premières causes de décès chez les femmes après la naissance (25% d'entre eux). Chaque année, 14 millions de femmes connaissent de tels saignements… Read more »

  • Safe abortion: low-literacy

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  • Faits

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  • Human rights and abortion

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