Activities 2016

Dear all

What a year was 2016!

  • The helpdesk send 105000 emails to women living in 185 countries.
  • 2 scientific studies about the Women on Web services were published.
  • We celebrated the 10 year anniversary of Women on Web with new instruction animations and our own song.
  • A girl in Northern Ireland was prosecuted for doing a medical abortion and she was convicted to 3 months suspended imprisonment.
  • Women on Waves and Women on Web were presented at 22 conferences and meetings.
  • Women on Web Helpdesk members did outreach work and trained local organisations in Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Chile, Central America, Poland, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Brazil, Mexico, Guatemala, Ecuador, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Turkey, Syria, Egypt, etc
  • The abortion drone delivered abortion pills from Ireland to Northern Ireland. The action was covered by more than 120 media outlets.
  • Women on Waves together with several family doctors and the Clara Wichmann Foundation started a court case against the Dutch government for blocking access to medical abortions through general physicians.
  • Women on Waves bought a ship and started preparing the abortion ship campaigns in Latin America in 2017.
  • And many women expressed their gratitude:

“Hi Now i just want to inform you that the abortion is completed. I am well and very very much thankful for your help . I have been thinking a suicide. Now you saved my life. You saved my honor You saved my future You are a good and best organisation for women. You are the world You save people. I don't know what i have done without you. I love you very much and will always love” 

“I don't know what to say.I'm just lost in words.Thank you Women On Web may you be blessed and be granted many more years.Thankx a lot to the doctor...I will copy the instructions and I promise to follow them...I'll wait for the tracking number then.Every month I'll always donate to this organisation so it can continue helping women NOTE:Thats my promise “ 

“I would just like too say thank you so much for your help. I was in a place of desperation and without your help who knows what might have happened. I am forever indebted too you all and the work you are doing for girls in my situation.”

“i am so much please to let you know that i just did today the ultra sound its for sure that my pregnency is already finish as i was in so hurry to do it my blood and urine result still showing positive but my ultrasound show its complete finish and its all because of your help i am so much thank full to you i am so much thanksfull to you , thank you so much i am happy and all my happiness is all because of your help thanks a lot so much” 

“Thank you so so much, I really cannot say that enough, you have made a distressing time so much easier, I will inform you once the package has arrived and I have gone over all the information multiple times, but if I do have any questions that come to mind I will contact you. Thank you again for this much needed service ,when my government has let me down its so good to know that their is an organisation like yours out there helping women around the world. many thanks” 

“I have read everything thoroughly and i will inform of when i receive the package. Words can't explain or express how grateful i am and i promise as soon as i get a job (which is soon) i Will send off the donation. I an forever in your debt.” 

“i get a help from you and i am so glad to tell you that the abortion is completely succesfull i gone through so much pain but finally i get ride of pregnency and its all because of you who help me to save my future i really appreciated your help and will always be thanksfull to you and will always keep you in my prayers i really so much happy and its all because of you may Allah Give you so much happiness in all of your lifes and Allah give more power and energy and resources to keep active Women on Web to help like people who are in need like me. thanks alot once again i already did the Ultra sound and its confirm i dont have any pregnency at all “ 


The words of these women are for the helpdesk team, doctors, board members, researchers, partners who ship the medicines and all others who make Women on Web possible. Thank you so much for working so hard, for your commitment, your dedication, your trust in women. Thank you for being there.

With the election of Trump, the atrocities in Aleppo, the human rights violations of refugees, the terrorist attacks and coming elections in Europe, we do not know what 2017 will bring for women's rights around the world but Women on Waves and Women on Web will be there to support all women and show that a better world is possible.

A very happy and resilient 2017!