Our better known campaigns involve sea voyages or drones to countries where abortions are illegal, but we also develop art projects, engage in legal actions, give sexual education and medical knowledge workshops, and help women with the course of their abortions via the internet.

  • Abortion Robot on Stage in Poland, 2018

    December 2018,
    On the invitation of director Maja Kleczewska and CHOTKOWSKI Lukasz, Women on Waves participated with the play BACHANTKI in the Teatr Powszechny in Warsaw. We gave a workshop to the actors. As part of the play the actress ALEKSANDRA BOŻEK performed every week in front of the… Read more »

  • Abortion Pill Protest in Seoul, South Korea 2018

    For immediate release:
    26-8-2018: Today 125 women swallowed the abortion pill in defiance of the restrictive abortion laws in South Korea. Even though abortion is illegal, every hour 125 women have an abortion in South Korea. The protest took place in front of Boshingak in the center of Seoul. Read more »

  • Abortion Robot in Belfast, Northern Ireland 2018

    Operated from Amsterdam, the abortion robot successfully delivered abortion pills in Northern Ireland. With the robot the abortion pills can be supplied to women in Northern Ireland without breaking the law because the robot is operated from the Netherlands.
    There was an overwhelming amount of… Read more »

  • Abortion ship Mexico, April 2017

    Women on Waves arrived in Ixtapa on April 19 th on the invitation of more than 40 Mexican women's organisations. Abortion is only legal in Mexico DF since 10 years but abortion is still illegal in the rest of Mexico.
    On April 20 th, before announcing the campaign publicly, the ship… Read more »

  • Abortion ship Guatemala, February 2017

    In collaboration with women's rights organisations in Guatemala, the abortion ship has visited Guatemala from February 22 till 25 th, 2017 to call attention to the violation of women's human rights caused by the restrictive abortion laws. Although Guatemalan law only permits abortion to… Read more »

  • Abortion drone Ireland, 2016

    June 21 th, 2016. The Abortion Drone flew from the Republic of Ireland to Northern Ireland at Narrow Waters Castle. After the drone landed safely two women took the pills. At the same time Women on Waves employed a RC speedboat to send over more pills for the women. Making abortion illegal will… Read more »

  • First flight Abortion Drone, Poland 2015

    The Abortion Drone was a success, women in Poland receive medical abortions. The drone departed from Germany and landed at the opposite side of the river in Slubice, Poland.
    While the drones were crossing the German/Polish border , the German Police tried to intervene but the drone pilots… Read more »

  • Abortion ship Morocco 2012

    MALI (alternative movement for individual liberties) invited Women on Waves to bring the abortion ship to Morocco. Here you can find the whole story, with video footage and photo's. Read more »

  • Abortion ship Spain 2008

    Women on Waves visited Spain from October 16 till 21, 2008 at the invitation of 33 Spanish organisations concerned with a better abortion law.
    In Spain, abortion was only legal when case the pregnancy poses a threat to the physical or mental health of the woman, or in case of rape or fetal… Read more »

  • Abortion ship Portugal 2004

    The Women on Waves ship Borndiep stayed in international waters, 12 miles from Figueira da Foz a small holliday town in Portugal, from August 28 till September 9, 2004. The ship was being blocked to enter Portuguese national waters by two Portuguese war ships. Read more »

  • Abortion ship Poland 2003

    On June 16, 2003 Women on Waves set sail for Poland. We were invited by a coalition of Polish women's organisations called the "STER committee- women decide", to support them in their struggle for legal and safe abortion. In the mobile clinic of the ship “Langenort”, Women on Waves… Read more »

  • Abortion ship Ireland 2001

    On 11 June 2001, Women on Waves set sail from the Netherlands with an almost entirely female crew for the Republic of Ireland, a country with the most restrictive abortion law in Europe. Women on Waves was invited by several Irish abortion rights organisations. Read more »

  • Diesel for Women

    Women on Waves designed a hoax campaign "Diesel for Women" to expose the violations of women’s rights that take place in the garment industry. The hoax is a parody on the PR campaigns and the reluctance to address human rights by the fashion industry in general and Diesel in particular. Read more »

  • Venezuela Safe Abortion Hotline Launched, May 2011

    On May 18th, a safe abortion hotline was launched at the Nuevo Circo in Caracas, with acrobatics performances and a banner-hang off the building by feminist activists in Venezuela. The hotline offers scientific and reliable information about how women can safely use misoprostol to have an abortion… Read more »

  • Misoprostol hotline Pakistan, June 2010

    A new hotline has been launched in Pakistan that gives information about how women can use the medication misoprostol to have a safe abortion, or to prevent dangerous hemorrhaging after giving birth. Every year 30.000 women die from pregnancy related causes in Pakistan. The use of misoprostol by… Read more »

  • Safe abortion hotline Peru, May 2010

    Website Read more »

  • Safe abortion hotline Argentina July 2009

    In Argentina abortion is illegal in most cases. There are about 500,000 abortions per year, most of them clandestine. About 68,000 women enter the public hospitals each year with post-abortion complications, and annually around 100 of these women die.
    The goal of the hotline, “Abortion: more… Read more »

  • Safe abortion hotline Indonesia

    Samsara (instagram) @perkumpulan.samsara  Read more »

  • Safe abortion hotline Chile, May 2009

    Press inquiries: +0056 984668855 Read more »

  • Safe abortion hotline Ecuador, June 2008

    The Coordinadora Juvenil por la Equidad de Género (Youth Committee for Gender Equity, ‘CPJ’) invited Women on Waves to come to Ecuador to support them in their stuggle to legalize abortion. Moreover we want to inform women of the possibility to do a safe abortion themselves with medicines, Cytotec Read more »

  • WoW at Creative Times in New York!

    Women on Waves gave a presentation at Creative Times and participated in the wall street occupation mediacoverage: Read more »

  • The Netherlands, increasing restrictions on abortion

    Read more »

  • Safe Abortion Stickers

    Help women get access to information how they can safely do an abortion themselves. Scroll down, click on the sticker in your language, print and paste it everywhere: public bathrooms, cafes, restaurants, busses, trains, waiting rooms, and dressing rooms. Read more »

  • Media Malta 2007

    In October 2007, Rebecca Gomperts was invited by Emmy Bezzina of the Alpha Liberal Democratic Party to come to Malta to give a lecture. Read more »

  • Teken de Petitie!

    Strafvervolging is stopgezet. Petitie hoeft niet meer ondertekend te worden. Klik hier om de zaak te lezen Read more »

  • Stir in Argentina

    On December 8, 2004, Rebecca Gomperts visited Argentina on the invitation of Noemi Oliveto of the party Selfdetermination & Freedom. Read more »

  • Introducing an international symbol

    The essence of the-safety-pin campagne is to pull the themes abortion and unwanted pregnancy out of the closet and onto the public agenda. This progress towards an active international debate has an international symbol: the safety pin. Different media explore the themes and each offer simple… Read more »

  • Exhibition: I had an Abortion

    I had an abortion. Poddalam sie aborcji. Jien ghamilt abort. Eu fiz um aborto. Ho fatto un aborto. J'ai eu un avortement. Ich hatte eine abtreibung. Yo aborte. Did you have an abortion? ACT ! Read more »

  • Letter to Google concerning Restricting Advertisements that Promote Abortion Services

    The Health Equity and Law Clinic of the University of Toronto wrote the following letter for Google together with Women on Waves. It concerns the recent Google policy to restrict adds for abortion related information and services in certain countries. Read more »

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