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Local Organizations and Resources

  • Las Lilas
    Feminist network that advises and accompanies women who decide to abort
    Ig.: laslilas.uy

Community Comments

  1. "Mifepristone is hard to come by, the only provider is the health service.
    Misoprostol is available in authorized hospitals/health services. In the current context, it is not easily accessible.
    There are fake clinics and dubious Misoprostol sales. The safest thing to do is always check with escort networks."
    Las Lilas - December 2022


Watch out for fake abortion clinics and sellers online. See or contribute to our list of scams & stay safe!

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Uruguay: Clinics and Organisations

Mifepristone for medical abortion was registered in 2013. Misoprostol cost…

Abortion Law Uruguay

Abortion is legal on request up to 12 weeks of gestation.
Abortion is permitted…