Total loss

The salvage is not going well. The Harmony even ended higher on the beach despite our frantic attempts to pull her in sea.

We already tried to dig a ditch as Myra suggested. It did not work because it the ditch filled in no time with sand again by the waves. So frustrating!

Thursday is spring tide, this will be the last possibility but we have not yet found the right method. Also we heard there might be developing a new storm.
It is not like in the Netherlands were you can easily organize a tugboat.

But even if I can, it will costs a lot of money with no guarantee that it will succeed. You can't just pull the Harmony over the beach because she will break apart.
The rudder is now totally destroyed and has to be replaced.

So many uncertainties. It is impossible to say if and when the ship might be able to sail again"

harmony damage 2