Help needed with an unwanted pregnancy?


Here we offer information about dealing with unwanted pregnancies.

  • Women on Web: to obtain a safe abortion with pills

    Living in a country where safe abortion is not available? Get abortion pills online. Women on Web helps women get access to a safe medical abortion and refers to a licensed doctor who can provide a medical abortion.

  • Как сделать безопасный медикаментозный аборт ( Misoprostol/ Cytotec)

    Самый лучший и безопасный способ, которым женщина может сама сделать аборт до 12 недели беременности – с использованием двух видов медикаментов – препарата Мифепристон и Мизопростол. Если Вы проживаете в стране, где нет доступа к безопасному аборту, и Вы желаете сделать медикаментозный аборт… Читать далее »

  • Беременна ли я?

    Если менструация не началась во время и если у Вас были половые контакты после последнего цикла менструации, возможно Вы беременны. Качественный домашний тест на беременность можно приобрести в аптеке. Вам понадобится поместить Вашу мочу на тестер и через несколько минут Вы увидите беременны Вы или… Читать далее »

  • Safe Sex

    About 85% of sexually active women who do not use contraceptives become pregnant within a year. A woman can also become pregnant while breastfeeding and from about 10 days after childbirth and even during her menstruation. Withdrawal of the penis prior to ejaculation during intercourse (coitus… Читать далее »

  • What is an STI or Sexual Transmitted Infection?

    You can get an STI by sexual intercourse but also through oral sex, anal sex or contact with bodily fluids such as sperm, saliva, blood, and vaginal discharge. Very few STI’s can be transmitted through skin contact. Here is more information about how to prevent getting one and what to do if you… Читать далее »

  • Help in Portugal

    Since 2007, in Portugal a woman has the right to terminate a pregnancy until 10 weeks of gestation, whether you are a Portuguese citizen or not. This right also includes the right to full, free, and confidential medical care in the Portuguese National Health System. It is also possible to terminate… Читать далее »

  • Abortion on our ship

    When the Women on Waves ship visits your country, you can make an appointment with us by telephone, email or by visiting the ship. We will inform you about when and where to board the ship. You will be treated according to Dutch professional medical standards, which include full confidentiality… Читать далее »