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This is an overview of all the press releases about our campaigns; the launch of new hotlines, ships campaigns, legal battles, and other events.

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  • International consensus on reproductive rights

    During the 'International Conference on Population and Development' in Cairo (1994), and during the 'Forth World Conference on Women' in Bejing (1995) the General Assembly of the United Nations has stated that 'Governments and organizations are urged to strengthen their commitment to women's health Читать далее »

  • Press statement STER committee and Women on Waves

    During the press conference Wanda Nowicka presented the STER committee that has invited Women on Waves to support them in their struggle for women's rights. Читать далее »

  • Arrived!

    Today at 14.00 the ship of Women on Waves arrived safely into the harbour of Wladyslawowo. Читать далее »

  • Prosecuter admits: no crime has been committed

    The Ship of Women on Waves arrived safely in the harbour of Wladyslawowo on the 22nd of June at about 14.00 hours. The ship was welcomed by Polish women's organisations and members of Women on Waves who were standing on the docks. Читать далее »

  • Open letter to prime minister Miller

    This morning during the press conference Wanda Nowicka presented an open letter to the Polish prime minister Miller. Wanda Nowicka is the spokesperson for the 'STER Committee - Women decide' that invited Women on waves to Poland. Читать далее »

  • Open day at the ship

    The open day at the ship of Women on waves was a success: 174 persons have visited the ship. Читать далее »

  • Meeting with members of Polish parliament

    On Tuesday 1st of July, Rebecca Gomperts, the initiator of Women on Waves, has been a honorary guest at the meeting of the inter-parliamentary group of women parliamentarians and women's NGO's discussing drafts for changing the current anti-abortion law. Читать далее »

  • Back to the Netherlands

    After staying in Poland for two weeks, the ship of Women on waves will sail back to the Netherlands today, Friday July 4th at approximately 16.00 hours, from the port of Wladyslawowo. Читать далее »

  • Support by Dutch Government

    Steunbetuiging D66, PvdA, VVD, SP, GroenLinks Читать далее »

  • Finally, early abortions possible

    Women on Waves is very pleased that the Dutch Minister of Health, Els Borst, has ascertained unambiguously that its floating womens health clinic can provide the abortion pill for very early abortions on board a Dutch ship. This means that Women on Waves can continue with its activities- albeit… Читать далее »

  • No charges pressed

    After an investigation of 4 months, Women on Waves has been cleared of accusations of performing illegal abortions in Poland and of introducing illegal abortion pills into Polish market. The Polish prosecutor's office stated that accusations against the crew had been dismissed because there is no… Читать далее »

  • Court asked to suspend restriction

    On August 13 th, Women on Waves has requested the court to suspend the restrictive condition of “25 kilometer within the hospital in Amsterdamâ€? for the first trimester abortion clinic license (until 12 weeks) that was finally granted by State secretary Ross on July 9 th. Читать далее »

  • Court overturns denial for license

    Women on Waves is very pleased with the Court decision on June 4 to overturn the denial of the licence to operate a first trimester abortion clinic by the Dutch Minister of Health in July 2002. Читать далее »

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