Safe abortion hotline Peru, May 2010



  • Peruvian Abortion Hotline Blog

    You can get more information about the Peruvian hotline, "Abortion, Safe Information" on their blog, Read here for information about safe abortion and for news about the hotline itself. Read more »

  • Abortion hotline launch in Peru supported by Women on Waves

    Press release: 28 TH OF MAY, 2010 A public hotline giving women information about safe abortion using pills Misoprostol, was launched in Lima, Peru yesterday on may 27 th, 2010, The hotline was launched by the Colectivo para la Libre Información de las Mujeres… Read more »

  • Abortion in Peru

    Abortion in Peru is only permitted to save the life of the women, or to avoid a grave risk to her health. However, Peru has one of the highest levels of abortion in Latin America, with an estimated 376,000 clandestine abortions practiced per year. Read more »

  • Peru Hotline, Day 1

    The Peruvian abortion hotline, "Aborto: Información Segura", or "Abortion: Safe Information" was launched today with a press conference at the Hotel Riviera in Lima. The hotline will give information based on scientific studies put out by the World Health Organization and by… Read more »

  • Media coverage Peru

    Links Press Radio Netherlands - article and online interview (in Spanish)ú-línea-telefónica-sobre-abortos Peru 21 - (with video) - Read more »

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