Safe abortion Hotline in Bangladesh, 2013

“Naribandhob” hotline can be reached at 088-01853-892424.

A new sexual and productive health hotline is being launched in Dhaka, to provide women with information about reproductive health education, safe medical MR and the life saving Drug Misoprostol .  

Naribandhob” hotline can be reached at 088-01853-892424. The hotline will provide safe and scientific information on how a woman can use the life-saving drug misoprostol for safe MR, post-MR care, and to prevent deadly bleeding after giving birth (PPH – postpartum hemorrhage), the leading causes of maternal death and injury in Bangladesh.  These deaths and injuries can be prevented with women are given safe and scientific information and access to essential medications and services. Information is provided free of charge through a regular mobile phone number.

The hotline will be run by the Bangladeshi Organization Community Life Bangladesh, in collaboration with the international reproductive health organizations Women on Waves (Netherlands), Women on Web, Asia Safe Abortion Partnership, and Aware Girls (Pakistan). Community Life is a community based rural voluntary women organization working for raising awareness and providing safe medical MR, information’s, contraception and women’s reproductive rights.

Misoprostol is available in Bangladesh under the brand names of Cytomis and Isovent. According to the WHO it is an essential obstetric and gynecological medicine, and is safe to use for MR. It has been recognized to lower maternal mortality where it is made available to women.

The need for safe MR services that has not been adequately covered by the available facilities. The hotline will refer to local clinics but also will inform women about the self administration of MR using pills.  Unsafe abortion is responsible for 8,000 maternal deaths and over 572,000 women suffering complications every year in Bangladesh.

The collaborating organizations Women on Waves, Women on Web and Asia Safe Abortion Partnership have participated in the creation of safe abortion hotline in 10 other countries as part of an ongoing strategy to increase access to safe MR and lower maternal mortality. These hotlines are currently operating in Pakistan, Indonesia, Morocco, Kenya, Malawi, Thailand, Ecuador, Argentina, Venezuela, and Chile.

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Hotline number: 088-01853-892424,  

Community Life contact: 088-01731153486, Email:

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