Laparoscopic sterilization or Invitro Fertilisation for Single Polish Women in Moldova

As the new Reproductive health law in Poland does not allow laparoscopic sterilization nor IVF treatment for single women, women will have to travel abroad. Here is some information about one of the fertility/ IVF clinics in Moldova.

Laparoscopic sterilization is a short procedure under general anesthesia in which the tubes are being ligated, so a women cannot get pregnant anymore.

The essence of IVF is as follows: an egg extracted from the woman's body and gets artificially fertilized in a «in vitro» (Lat. "In glass"). The resulting embryo is contained in an incubator, where it develops within 2-5 days, and then the embryo is transferred into the uterus for further development. 

There is also the possibility to do intrauterine Insemination

Laparoscopic sterilization and invitro Fertilization in Moldova

In Republic of Moldova, in the city of Chisinau, at Terramed Private Medical Clinic. It is one of the leading medical centers in IVF both in Moldova and in region. The IVF procedure is performed by Irena Digol, MD, PhD in Medicine, experienced gynecologist-reproductologist.

  • It is easy to travel in Moldova from Poland. There is a direct airplane from Warsaw to Chisinau which take about 1 hour 45 minutes.
  • There are a lot of accommodation options, including small and inexpensive hotels and apartments for reasonable prices  in Chisinau. 
  • Chisinau is a compact and safe city with many shops, café, restaurants with very affable personnel, excellent food and reasonable prices.
  • Providing IVF at Terramed Medical Clinic, performed by Dr. Irena Digol means not only following world standards and modern achievements in reproductology, but also very attractive price in comparison with cost of this procedure in Eastern and Western Europe. 

Contact information

Dr. Irena Digol

Private Medical Clinic of Terramed (Chisinau, Moldova).

Mobile phone: +37379573491