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  1. "Misoprostol is only possible to access if one pretends to need it for stomach ulcers or arthritis. It is difficult to access. Seek help from the grassroot organisations, like Aborcyjny Dream Team / Abortion Without Borders. Order pills online from Women on Web or Women Help Women." - Maria Lewandowska, Researcher in Sexual and Reproductive Health - November 2022
  2. "It is difficult to access both Mifepristone and Misoprostol in Poland, it’s only sold in pharmacies with doctor's prescription. It is extremely difficult to find a doctor who agrees to prescribe abortion medicines. One way a woman can try is to make an account on a website that provides recipes for a fee -usually around 40-50 pln (10-12 eur). Prescriptions can be bought by providing your pesel number and a random code assigned to every prescription, in this case there is no need to physically go to a doctor, but your personal data will show. Another option is trying to go to a doctor that appears on a list of doctors who help women that desire to have an abortion, one of the organisations that can provide such info is Aborcja Bez Granic. However even with a doctor's prescription, any pharmacy employee can deny selling any medicin.
    The third option is contacting an organization like Aborcja Bez Granic who support women in either getting pills, or organising trips to abortion clinics abroad."
    Anonymous - November 2022


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