Diary Argentina


This is a day by day account of the launch of the hotline, "Abortion: More Information, Less Risks." Here you can see the events unfolding and get a feel for the progress of this initiative, as well as reflections on everything that happened. During these days, you can check in here to see what the latest events are, and after the campaign you can get a feel for what it was like to be here!

  • Workshop for Independent media

    One of the biggest problems facing reporters, when writing about abortion, is sifting through the contradictory ideas presented as objective information on the subject. Many times, reporters have a hard time finding the facts when facing deadlines. The local hotline organizers, Lesbians and… Read more »

  • Late Night Action to Publicize Hotline

    In the night before the hotline launch, and a group of activists pasted fliers with the hotline number in the central streets of Buenos Aires. Getting the information into the streets is always an important way to reach women who may need it. Read more »

  • Safe Abortion Hotline Launched in Buenos Aires

    The hotline has been launched! The hotline was presented in a press conference, followed by a street parade for safe abortion, attended by numerous groups of feminist activists. Read more »

  • First Day of the Hotline, First Night of Calls

    The news is spreading about the existence of the hotline, "Abortion: More Information, Fewer Risks". The press phone has been ringing all day. The spokesperson has been doing back-to-back interviews with radio and television, and in the evening there is the first shift answering the phone. Read more »

  • If you don't like the news, make up some of your own

    The hotline, "Abortion: More Information, Fewer Risks" has been running sucessfully for two weeks. Many messages of support have come in, and almost no calls criticizing the initiative. However, organizations that are against the hotline have decided to publish some "news" that… Read more »

  • A un mes de atencion de la linea “ABORTO: MAS INFORMACION, MENOS RIESGOS”

    Les envio el informe que realizamos sobre el primer mes de la linea y que presentamos en la legislatura porteña donde estuvieron legisladores de la ciudad, diputados y diputadas nacionales y mujeres del movimiento. Las repercusiones han sido enormes. Los llamados a la linea se han multiplicado un… Read more »

rainbow banner, march in Buenos Aires