10.000 abortions in Lisboa


"eu fiz um aborto" adbusting in lisboa

Today, Sunday 5: Artist Workshop and Party at 16:30 h in the Escola Nautica, Fishers Harbour (south side of the river) Entrance free!

Friday morning, the city of Lisboa was covered with stickers that have the text: "Eu fis um abort" (I had an abortion). They are signed with the URL www.i-had-an-abortion.org. I-had-an-abortion.org is global pro-choice network of activists that, rather than ships, use the language of advertising and "adbusting" (www.adbusters.org) to fight for abortion rights.

In contrast to the tasteless spraypainting on the PP offices earlier this week, we like this action very much!

The website shows fun examples of advertising in public space that has been modified to make passers-by think about the reality behind the seduction of advertising with sexy people. It has pictures from many cities of the world.