Media about Women on Waves


Our direction action methods to end unsafe abortion often attract the attention of the media. Here, you can read the media coverage that we have received.

  • All Press Releases

    This is an overview of all the press releases about our campaigns; the launch of new hotlines, ships campaigns, legal battles, and other events. Read more »

  • Media Abortion Robot Belfast 2018

    Operated from Amsterdam, the abortion robot successfully delivered abortion pills in Belfast, Northern Ireland. After that, the abortion bus toured Northern Ireland offering free ultrasounds and medical counsel. The campaign highlighted the different legal reality of women in Northern Ireland in… Read more »

  • Media Coverage Mexico 2017

              VIDEO FOOTAGE AJ+ - Al Jazeera Democracy Now  El financiero Bloomsberg MSN… Read more »

  • Media Abortion Ship Guatemala 2017

    Video report Dutch abortion boat told to leave Guatemala, EFE La crónica de la llegada del "barco del aborto" a Guatemala , Televisiete Guatemala  ¿Escándalo por el barco del aborto que llegó a Guatemala? , TN23 Protestan en Guatemala por llegada de "Barco abortivo" , CB24… Read more »

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  • Media abortion ship in Morocco 2012

    4-7-2013 Jadaliyya   18-2-2013 14-2-2013 Le soir   3-1-2013 Telquel   12-11-2012 Deutsche Welle   3-11-2012 Alawan   29-10-2012 Lithuanian news   25-10-2012 Assabah press: Benslimane: abortion a solution phenomenon of… Read more »

  • Cobertura de los medios de comunicación en España 2008

    La búsqueda de noticias en Google mostró 658 artículos de las agencias de noticias de todos los países europeos, Estados Unidos y América del Sur
    Para más información de la cobertura de la televisión sobre la visita del barco de Women on Waves, por favor haga click en uno de estos enlaces
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  • Media abortion ship in Portugal 2004

    The best way to get an impression of the discussion in Portuguese society is to look at the overwhealming press coverage. From august 23 on, we have collected more than 700 newspaper articles. Next to the continuous TV coverage on all channels public and commercial. It shows how our trip has helped… Read more »

  • Media coverage Poland 2003

    For more then 2 weeks the Women on Waves ship was the main topic in all newspapers, television and radio. Abortion was discussed openly and in depth in the media, on the streets, in homes, bars and parliament. During our stay we witnessed an enormous change in the way the discussion about abortion… Read more »

  • Media coverage Ireland 2001

    More than 200 Irish and international journalists attend the press conference. The ship Aurora is front page news all over the world. BBC Worldnews, CNN, ABC, NBC and numerous other networks and news agencies cover this groundbreaking event. Positive press coverage appears in several Irish… Read more »

  • Prensa Venezuela

    ¡Aquí se puede seguir la cobertura medicatica de la línea telefonica del aborto seguro en Venezuela! Read more »

  • Prensa pakistan

    Aqui pueden ver varios ejemplos de artículos de prensa que salió siguiendo el lanzamiento de la línea de atención. Read more »

  • Prensa Argentina

    Enlaces Prensa Watch in YouTube!: Listen to Interviews and Radio Spots here: Frequencia Zero FM Read more »

  • Media Ecuador 2008

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  • Prensa Peru

    Enlaces Prensa Radio Netherlands - articulo y entrevista (en español)ú-línea-telefónica-sobre-abortos Peru 21 - (con video) - Read more »

  • Prensa Chile

    +++Enlaces Prensa Read more »

  • Media coverage Diesel for Women www. Read more »

  • Media Malta 2007

    In October 2007, Rebecca Gomperts was invited by Emmy Bezzina of the Alpha Liberal Democratic Party to come to Malta to give a lecture. Read more »

  • Stir in Argentina

    On December 8, 2004, Rebecca Gomperts visited Argentina on the invitation of Noemi Oliveto of the party Selfdetermination & Freedom. Read more »

  • Documentaries

    There has been extensive media coverage of our ship campaigns. This includes documentary films that attempt to capture the excitement and public controversy of these sea voyages. Read more »

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  • Media and scientific articles about Women on Web

    These are the articles that mention women on web Read more »