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This is an overview of all the press releases about our campaigns; the launch of new hotlines, ships campaigns, legal battles, and other events.

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  • Press release 3-2-2012: Fashion Industry violates women's rights

    A new initiative by fashion brand Diesel to improve working conditions and to provide free abortion pills to its female factory workers could have been an appropriate gesture by Diesel. Diesel is one of the fashion brands that uses production factories that refuse to pay a living wage to their… Read more »

  • Línea "Aborto, Información Segura" Venezuela

    Ya Venezuela tiene línea   El miércoles 18 de marzo de 2011 fue lanzada en Venezuela la línea telefónica Aborto Información Segura. Este servicio pretende llenar un vacío en la información que rodea el uso del medicamento Misoprostol para la interrupción del embarazo no deseado en forma segura para… Read more »

  • Suhaile - Misoprostol hotline launch in Pakistan!

    Press Release from the Misoprostol hotline in Pakistan: Press release June 25 th, 2010: Suhaile - Misoprostol hotline launch in Pakistan! A hotline that gives women practical information about sexual and reproductive health in general and the use of a medicine called misoprostol to prevent heavy… Read more »

  • Línea Telefónica de Aborto, Peru, apoyada por Women on Waves

    Nota de Prensa: 28 DE MAYO, 2010 Una línea telefónica publica brindando información a mujeres sobre el aborto seguro con el uso de medicamentos fue presentado ayer, 27 de mayo, in Lima, Peru. La línea fue lanzado por el Colectivo para la Libre Información de las Mujeres (CLIM), una organización… Read more »

  • España legalizó el aborto !!!

    Después de 2 años de la campaña del barco de Women on Waves, el Senado español aprobó una nueva ley sobre salud sexual y reproductiva, que relaja las restricciones al acceso de las mujeres al aborto en el 24 de febrero 2010.
    La ley permite el aborto bajo cualquier circunstancia, hasta 14… Read more »

  • "How women can do a safe abortion with pills themselves" hotline launch in Argentina

    For women needing help in Argentina: (011) 156 664 7070 For more information or for press contacts, call: 0054 911 57 37 9584 or write to: Read more »

  • Launch safe abortion hotline Argentina

    Read more »

  • Huisartsen moeten toegang krijgen tot de abortuspil.

    Tekst artikel zoals geplaatst in Nederlands Juristenblad 23 2009 Read more »

  • Attempt to close safe abortion hotline in Chile

    Press release Anti-abortion groups in Chile announced they will attempt to close down the safe abortion hotline that was launched yesterday. This would be a severe violation of the constitutional right to freedom of Information. Red Mujeres Chile launched the hotline "Aborto: Información… Read more »

  • Abortion hotline launch in Chile supported by Women on Waves

    Press release: Today, on the International Day of Action for Women´s Health, is the public launch of an hotline that gives women information on how to safely abort using a medication known as misoprostol. Where: Plaza de la Constitución, Santiago, Chile. When: 13:30 hrs., Thursday, 28 May Read more »

  • El Tribunal Europeo (European Court) dictaminó que Portugal violaba la libertad de expresión de Women on Waves

    El Tribunal Europeo de Derechos Humanos dictaminó hoy que el artículo 10, que garantiza la libertad de expresión, fue violado cuando el gobierno portugués envió buques de guerra para evitar que el barco de Women on Waves entrara en Portugal en 2004. Con un barco, Women on Waves navega los países… Read more »

  • Abortion ship arrives in Valencia.

    The Catholic anti-abortion rights groups failed to fulfill their promise to prevent the ship from entering the harbour. At the invitation of more than 30 Spanish organizations, the Women on Waves ship docked in the harbour of Valencia. The major of Valencia, Rita Barberá, denounced the ship?s visit… Read more »

  • Three women sailed to international waters

    This morning three women embarked on the Women on Waves ship to sail to the high, free seas. The ship was accompanied by three other boats filled with press. In international waters, the ship is ruled by Dutch law. Under Dutch law, women with unwanted pregnancies can take the abortion pill free of… Read more »

  • Open ship day on sunday

    Sunday, October 19 th, the Women on Waves ship will be open for public visitation. The Ship is docked in the America's cup harbor of Valencia and will be open to the public from 11.00 till 14.00 o'clock. The harbor authorities have given permission for this event. Today several women with… Read more »

  • Free abortions for Spanish women on board Women on Waves ship.

    At the invitation of more than 30 Spanish organizations, the Women on Waves ship will arrive in the harbor of Valencia on October 16 at 17.00 o?clock. The ship will stay still October 21. Catholic groups are already trying to stop the ship from entering. Press Information From October 15-22:… Read more »

  • Virgin launches hotline for safe abortion

    Quito, Ecuador June 18, 2008 The Virgin de Panecillo revealed a banner with the text “Safe abortion, 099004545". The number is from a hotline that will provide women with information about how they can do a safe abortion with pills themselves at home and other information related to sexual… Read more »

  • Aborto seguro con pildoras abortivas para las mujeres Ecuatorianas

    Read more »

  • Women on Waves disappointed about new license

    Every year 20 million illegal abortions are preformed and 70 000 women die needlessly as a result of illegal abortions. Women on Waves takes action and fights for safe and legal abortion. Read more »

  • Polish parliament voted against proposed amendments in Polish Constitution.

    Protection of dignity from the moment of conception will not be incorporated into Polish Constitution. Read more »

  • Portuguese parliament votes to legalize abortion!!

    On March 9, 2007 Portugal's parliament approved the legalization of abortion till 10 weeks by a majority vote. Now only Poland, Malta and Ireland need to liberalize their restrictive anti-abortion laws. Read more »

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