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This is an overview of all the press releases about our campaigns; the launch of new hotlines, ships campaigns, legal battles, and other events.

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Meeting with members of Polish parliament

On Tuesday 1st of July, Rebecca Gomperts, the initiator of Women on Waves, has…

Back to the Netherlands

After staying in Poland for two weeks, the ship of Women on waves will sail…

Support by Dutch Government

Steunbetuiging D66, PvdA, VVD, SP, GroenLinks

Finally, early abortions possible

Women on Waves is very pleased that the Dutch Minister of Health, Els Borst

No charges pressed

After an investigation of 4 months, Women on Waves has been cleared of…

Court asked to suspend restriction

On August 13 th, Women on Waves has requested the court to suspend the…

Court overturns denial for license

Women on Waves is very pleased with the Court decision on June 4 to overturn…