Safe abortion hotline Chile, May 2009


Press inquiries: +0056 984668855

  • Abortion law and reality in Chile

    Chile has one of the highest rates of abortion in Latin America – between 120.000 and 160.000 women have abortions every year, meaning that about 1 in 3 pregnancies end in abortion (The Alan Guttmacher Institute, 1994: ¨Clandestina Abortion: a Latin American Reality.¨ Nueva York, Estados Unidos). Read more »

  • Abortion hotline launch in Chile supported by Women on Waves

    Press release: Today, on the International Day of Action for Women´s Health, is the public launch of an hotline that gives women information on how to safely abort using a medication known as misoprostol. Where: Plaza de la Constitución, Santiago, Chile. When: 13:30 hrs., Thursday, 28 May Read more »

  • Diary Chile

    This is a day to day report on the activities in Chile. All over the country women's groups have activities to launch the safe abortion hotline. Read more »

  • Media launch safe abortion hotline Chile 2009

    Links Press Read more »


    Member organizations: Red chilena contra la violencia domestica y sexual Red de salud de las mujeres latinoamericanas y del caribe Red de mujeres de organizaciones sociales, Remos Movimiento pro emancipación de la mujer chilena. Memch Educación popular en salud, EPES. Asociación de mujeres… Read more »

  • Blog of the Chilean hotline

    To help spread the information that will allow Chilean women to have a safe abortion, the women from the hotline in Chile have made a blog. Here you can read the information that is available through the hotline, and learn more about the group's activites. You can find the blog here:… Read more »

28th May, 2009