Abortion ship Morocco 2012


MALI (alternative movement for individual liberties) invited Women on Waves to bring the abortion ship to Morocco. Here you can find the whole story, with video footage and photo's.

  • Press Conference in Rabat, 8-10-2012

    We are giving this press conference to explain our campaign, share with you what happened and to correct some false statements of both the Moroccan and the Dutch government. The Moroccan government violated several human rights and the International convention of the Sea. Read more »

  • مركب نساء على أمواج يبحر في ميناء سمير

    ميرا: أبحرنا حول الميناء, رأينا العديد من رجال الشرطة يغمرهم التوتر و الغضب و يتناولون هواتفهم و يقومون بمكالمات هاتفية.
    قبطانتا المركب ميرا و مارغريت داخل مركب نساء على أمواج
    ميرا: لقد كان هناك حوالي 30 أو 40 شرطي و دركي, دخل إثنان منهم إلى المركب, لقد قلبوا كل شيئ في المركب رأسا على… Read more »

  • ميسوبروستول, نساء فوق الامواج, نساء على الامواج, الاجهاض, سفينة الاجهاض

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  • Abortion ship forced to leave by Moroccan authories.

    After the harbor of Smir was completely closed off by the Moroccan police, Women on Waves decided to disclose that their ship was actually already in the harbor. Dutch parliamentarian Liesbeth van Tongeren arrived, and with members of Women on Waves and MALI, entered the harbor through the… Read more »

  • Video footage: Women on Waves Ship Forced to Leave the Harbor of Smir

    Video footage from October 4th
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  • Member of Dutch Parliament Liesbeth van Tongeren comes to Morocco in support of the campaign

    Liesbeth van Tongeren from the Green Left Party arrived in the early afternoon in Smir Harbor to welcome the ship. When she tried to enter the harbor together with Ibtissame Betty Lachgar and other members of MAIL and Women on Waves, she was also stopped by the police. As the ship was forced to… Read more »

  • Video footage: distributing Safe Abortion Information in front of entrance Smir Harbor, Morocco

    Video Footage from October 4th, 2012
    After we learned that the Moroccan authorities closed down the harbor, we decided to hand out our press information in front of the entrance. When we arrived there we were surprised that there was hardly press but a small group of protesters (mostly men). Read more »

  • Moroccan Authorities Close Down Harbor of Smir.

    Moroccan warships block entrance of Women on Waves ship in the harbor of Smir. Read more »

  • Abortion ship will arrive in Smir, Morocco, Today!

    For immediate release October 3 rd, 2012:

    “Abortion ship will arrive in Smir, Morocco on Thursday October 4 th at 13.00 AM"

    MALI (Alternative Movement for Individual Freedoms) has invited the Dutch organization Women on Waves to come to Morocco with the abortion ship. The… Read more »

  • "سفينة الإجهاض ستزور المغرب قريبا."

    Press release
    حركة مالي (الحركة البديلة للحريات الفردية) والمنظمة الهولندية (نساء على الأمواج)، التي سوف تحضر إلى المغرب برفقة سفينة خاصة للإجهاض،و التي تتوفر فيها كل المعدات اللازمة من أجل إجهاض طبي قانوني للنساء وذلك بموجب القانون الهولندي ، وستتم عملية الإجهاض بعد الإبحار نحو المياه الدولية. Read more »

  • News Videos from the Action Abortion boat at Smir Harbor, 4-10-2012

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  • Pictures from the Action in Smir Harbor, Morocco

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  • ردود فعل السلطات المغربية اتجاه نساء حملة منظمة نساء علي الأمواج و حركة مالي تنتهك و تخل بالقوانين و الاتفاقيات التالية:   الفصل 25 من الدستور المغربي يكفل حرية التعبيير.   قانون الجنسية المغربية: الباب الأول مقتضيات عامة   الفصل 1 : المصادر القانونية بشأن الجنسية:   تحدد المقتضيات المتعلقة… Read more »

  • Morocco

    Abortion is illegal unless it is to save the life of the woman or in case of rape and incest.
    The sale of misoprostol (artotec) has been suspended and it is not available anymore in the pharmacies. For information about safe abortion with pills send a whattsapp to 06-45367879
    Or get… Read more »

  • Invitation to visit the Women on Waves ship

    Dear women's rights defender,

    MALI and Women on Waves would like to invite you to Marina Smir on Friday October 5 th to meet the crew and participants from the campaign. Member of the Dutch Parliament Liesbeth van Tongeren will also be there and would very much like to meet with you. Read more »

  • Academic paper

    Julia Ellis Kahana wrote her final thesis for the sociology department of Brown University in the USA about the ships campaign and its relationship to non-social movement of medical abortion in Morooco. And she received an award for this very interesting thesis! Read more »

Abortion ship in smir harbor, photo by Dirk Jan Visser