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This is an overview of all the press releases about our campaigns; the launch of new hotlines, ships campaigns, legal battles, and other events.

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  • Abortion Drone flight success

    The Abortion Drone left at 11.00 in front of the Konzerthalle Carl Phillip Emanuel Bach in Frankfurt an der Oder and landed at the opposite side of the river in Slubice, Poland. There were no anti-abortion protesters. After the drones left, the German Police tried to intervene but the drone pilots… Read more »

  • Abortion Drone; first flight to Poland

    On Saturday June 27 th the Abortion drone flies for the first time packages of abortion pills from Frankfurt an der Oder in Germany to Słubice in Poland.

    The campaign is a collaboration between Women on Waves; Cocia Basia, a Berlin based abortion support group for Polish women; Feminteka… Read more »

  • iTunes release of Vessel, documentary about Women on Waves in Latin America.

    The footage of Vessel includes an animation that shows how women can do a safe abortion themselves with misoprostol alone. iTunes will release Vessel on February 9 th, 2015 in the following countries:
    Argentina, Austria, Belgium, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Denmark Read more »

  • Twitter censorship online abortion service Women on Web!

    Update 14.45: Twitter blocks tweets again!!   Update: 13.00: Twitter just allowed the links and tweet again.   For immediate release: 8.00 January 23 th, 2015 Twitter has disabled the possibility to link to the Women on Web website or to  tweet a link to the website. Women… Read more »

  • BBC newsnight-Interview with Rebecca Gomperts-2014

    On November 6th 2014, BBC Newsnight interviewed Rebecca Gomperts, the founder of Women on Waves, on account of the release of the award winning documentary 'Vessel'. The film chronicles the last 15 years of Gomperts' struggle to bring abortion to women where it is illegal. Read more »

  • See VESSEL, film about Women on Waves.

    VESSEL, a timely, provocative, and mobilizing film about the work of Women on Waves, has launched an international tour of screenings, intended to provide a forum for further debate, discussion and education about the global challenges facing abortion healthcare. Any group can host a screening! Read more »

  • Dutch Consulate General in Istanbul censors text by Gomperts

    Press release December 20 th, 2012:
    Consulate General of the Netherlands in Istanbul censors text about violations of freedom of expression in Turkey written for an artist publication by the director of Women on Waves, Rebecca Gomperts. This makes them complicit with censorship by Turkish… Read more »

  • Invitation for press conference in Rabat, October 8 th

    For immediate release: Invitation for press conference Women on Waves and MALI

    Monday, October 8th at 15.00 o'clock, a press conference will take place in the Moroccan Association of Human Rights (l'AMDH), Siège Central : Av. Hassan II, Rue Aguensous, Imm 6, Appt 1, RABAT.
    Read more »

  • Moroccan Authorities Close Down Harbor of Smir.

    Moroccan warships block entrance of Women on Waves ship in the harbor of Smir. Read more »

  • Abortion ship will arrive in Smir, Morocco, Today!

    For immediate release October 3 rd, 2012:

    “Abortion ship will arrive in Smir, Morocco on Thursday October 4 th at 13.00 AM"

    MALI (Alternative Movement for Individual Freedoms) has invited the Dutch organization Women on Waves to come to Morocco with the abortion ship. The… Read more »

  • Abortion Ship Will Visit Morocco Next Week.

    For immediate release: "Abortion Ship Will Visit Morocco Next Week"
    MALI ( Alternative Movement for Individual Freedoms ) has invited the Dutch organization Women on Waves to come to Morocco with the abortion ship. The ship can provide women with legal medical abortions (till 6,5… Read more »

  • Vatican occupied by abortion rights activists!

    The Vatican is decorated with a banner displaying the text “Abortion Pills, A Gift From God” and instructions how to do an abortion yourself with a medicine called misoprostol. Read more »

  • Basın Bildirisi: Türkiye, emniyetli medikal kürtaj için kullanılan ilaçlara ulaşımı engellemek amacıyla ilaçların eczanelerde satışını yasakladı.

    Basın Bildirisi 16-07-2012: Türkiye, emniyetli medikal kürtaj için kullanılan ilaçlara ulaşımı engellemek amacıyla eczanelerde ilaçların satışını yasakladı. Kürtajı yasaklama hazırlığında olan Türkiye'de, kadınların kişisel kullanımı ile emniyetli düşük yapmasını sağlayan Misoprostol' Read more »

  • Press release: Turkey bans medicines used for safe abortion from pharmacy in move to further restrict access.

    Press release 16-07-2012: Turkey bans medicines used for safe abortion from pharmacy in move to further restrict access. While preparing to make abortion illegal, Turkey has just banned Misoprostol from sales in pharmacies, a medicine that women can use themselves to induce a safe abortion… Read more »

  • Press release 3-2-2012: Fashion Industry violates women's rights

    A new initiative by fashion brand Diesel to improve working conditions and to provide free abortion pills to its female factory workers could have been an appropriate gesture by Diesel. Diesel is one of the fashion brands that uses production factories that refuse to pay a living wage to their… Read more »

  • Safe abortion hotline Venezuela, 2011

    Press Release: A hotline that gives women practical information on the safe use of Misoprostol for abortion was launched in Caracas. The hotline “Abortion: Safe Information” was launched in Venezuela on May 18,2011. Women in Venezuela can now call 0426 1169496 and get information about the… Read more »

  • Suhaile - Misoprostol hotline launch in Pakistan!

    Press Release from the Misoprostol hotline in Pakistan: Press release June 25 th, 2010: Suhaile - Misoprostol hotline launch in Pakistan! A hotline that gives women practical information about sexual and reproductive health in general and the use of a medicine called misoprostol to prevent… Read more »

  • Abortion hotline launch in Peru supported by Women on Waves

    Press release: 28 TH OF MAY, 2010 A public hotline giving women information about safe abortion using pills Misoprostol, was launched in Lima, Peru yesterday on may 27 th, 2010, The hotline was launched by the Colectivo para la Libre Información de las Mujeres… Read more »

  • Spain legalized abortion!!!

    Within 2 years of the Women on waves ships campaign, the Spanish senate approved a new law on sexual and reproductive health, which relaxes restrictions on women’s access to abortion on February 24, 2010 Read more »

  • "How women can do a safe abortion with pills themselves" hotline launch in Argentina

    For women needing help in Argentina: (011) 156 664 7070 For more information or for press contacts, call: 0054 911 57 37 9584 or write to: Read more »

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