Support for Irish Abortion Bus

For immediate release March 5, 2017:
From 6-8 March, ROSA, an Irish abortion rights group, will drive a bus around Ireland, campaigning for an immediate repealing of the 8th amendment. The 8 th amendment in the Irish constitution declares that the life of a fetus has equal value as a woman’s live and this constitutional amendment is a major obstacle to legalise abortion even in limited circumstances.
In conjunction with Women on Web, a telemedical service that supports women to get access to safe abortions with pills in countries in which safe abortion services are not available, the #Bus4Repeal will be providing information and access to safe abortions with pills, including via a skype hook up with Women On Web doctors.

The bus will build towards a major day of action for Repeal on 8 March, International Women's Day. This will be part of mass demonstrations, strikes and occupations taking place all around the world. The bus will finish up in Dublin City Centre after spending the last days promoting a major demonstration in Dublin city centre - the Coalition to Repeal the 8th have called a March 4 Repeal for International Women's Day. It gathers at the Garden of Remembrance at 5.30pm and marches to the Dail. 

Agenda #Bus4Repeal from 6-8 March

Monday 6 March
UCD 8.30am
Waterford 12.30pm Bus4Repeal Waterford
Cork City 5pm Cork - Bus 4 Repeal!

Tuesday 7 March
UCC 9am
Limerick City 12.30pm Limerick - Bus 4 Repeal!
Galway City 5pm Galway - Bus 4 Repeal (Rally & Bus Send Off)

Wednesday 8 March
NUIG 9am
Maynooth University 12.30pm
Central Bank, D2 3pm Dublin - Bus 4 Repeal


For more information:


Phone: 00353872995484