Activities 2015

Greetings friends, fellow activists, partners, donors and soul mates!

Of course we would prefer to party with all of you into the New Year, but unfortunately teleportation does not work yet for anything bigger than a quantum (we can’t wait for this to happen; imagine teleportation of abortion pills!).

For those who do not follow us on facebook and missed all the great actions, here are just some of the highlights of the last year.

As you all already know, governments of countries where abortion is illegal violate women’s rights and cause needless death and suffering. Access to abortion pills save women’s lives and causes social justice.

Women on Waves and Women on Web work together with many people and groups to make sure women are informed about medical abortion and can access high quality abortion care. 

In 2015:

  • The first “Abortion drone” flew abortion pills to Poland. Media all over the world covered the event. The drone also launched a new abortion hotline number for women in Poland. (48-222118866). But more important: a lot of men who really like drones now also support abortion rights!
  • The Women on Web helpdesk answered approximately 100 000 help emails in 16 languages (English, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, French, Italian, Polish, Turkish, Farsi, Bahasa Indonesia, Thai, Dutch, German, Japanese, Tagalog and Korean) and helped thousands of women assess high quality abortion medicines and care. 
  • Many women posted their abortion stories on the website. By sharing their stories women help to break the taboo and support other women who need an abortion. To read one of the moving stories, click here
  • Our Irish partner ROSA travelled with the “abortion pill bus” through Ireland and publicly provided many women with help. Women on Web doctors were available online to do consultations. The police almost gave a parking ticket but otherwise did not intervene!  For more information please visit
  • We met with women’s organisations and representatives from the Syria Diaspora on the Syrian Turkish border and trained in sexual health and safe abortion as none of the NGO’s working in the area is helping refugee women with unwanted pregnancies. To read more click here 
  • We made the first safe abortion app. The app gives country and language specific information for women and health workers around the world. You can download the app here
  • Dutch Family doctors can now prescribe the abortion pill. We trained 50 of them and they started prescribing but unfortunately the pharmacies now refuse to deliver the pills to women!  Work to change this will be continued in 2016!
  • We received the Els Borst Oeuvre award and we were named global thinker of 2015 by the magazine Foreign Policy. 

In 2016:

  • Women on Web will be online for 10 years! We are preparing a surprise party and will let you know more in time.
  • More Drones will deliver abortion pills to women around the world.
  • And we are planning for some more new exiting actions.

So stay Tuned!

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