Download the Abortion App


Screenshot Abortion App

For use by women:

  1. Select language and country to learn everything about the law, the availability of abortion pills, how to get and use them and what clinics or organizations are working on abortion issues in your country.
  2. Calculate pregnant duration with the pregnancy calculator and read all about medical abortion in the Questions and Answers
  3. Look at the animation that shows the use of misoprostol for a safe abortion in English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Hindi, Bahasa Indonesia, Malay, Turkish, Arabic, Korean, Tamil, Filipino, Swahili, Bangla, Thai, Vietnamese, Polish and more languages are added.
  4.  Access safe abortion pills by doing the online consultation.

For use by healthcare worker:
With this app healthcare workers always have information about medical abortion at hand and can show women the animation to inform them about safe abortion with pills.

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