Suriname: Clinics and Organizations

Misoprostol is not registered officially. It is possibly available from neighboring countries like English Guyana.
Please go to to obtain abortion pills.


Women's Organizations


CAFRA Suriname 
P.O. Box 446, Paramaribo

tel: (597) 5-50508


Pro Health 

Concordialaan 24, Paramaribo

tel: (597) 433528/432496


Projekta Organisation for Women and Development 

Tweede Rijweg 4, Paramaribo

tel: (597) 433802


Stop Violence against Women Foundation 

Verlengde Gemenelandsweg 18D, Paramaribo

tel: (597) 478268


Women’s Rights Centre 
Difoestraat 20, Paramaribo

tel: (597) 550508


JOVROCE, the Young Women’s Centre


National Women’s Movement

Verl. Gemenelandsweg 132-B, Paramaribo, SURINAME


Stichting Lobi (LOBI)

Fajalobistraat 13, Paramaribo, Postbus 9267, Suriname

tel: +597400 444 / +597400 974





Abortion is illegal.
Please go to to obtain abortion pills.