Women on Web is donating services to Ukrainian refugees in need of abortion

In light of the current crisis in Ukraine, Women on Web is donating free services to any Ukrainian refugees needing abortion pills.

As the war has intensified over recent weeks, we have received increasingly more requests for services from women who have fled their homes to neighbouring countries. Abortion is a time-sensitive health service that requires swift and readily available access, so we are committed to mitigating barriers Ukrainian refugees who wish to terminate a pregnancy now face. 

We are collaborating with activists and organizations on the ground in neighbouring countries, particularly in Poland. We’re currently working with groups to hand out information and to distribute abortion pills to areas we know are experiencing shortages. We have also started working with the Martynka helpline in Poland, who are assisting refugees in Ukrainian to access emergency contraception, counselling, and now abortion pills. Currently, we’re seeing up to 5 requests a day and we expect that to rise even more as we increase our collaborative efforts in the area.

Since Poland is seeing some of the highest influxes of Ukrainian refugees, our service is even more critical as Poland placed a near- total ban on abortion access in 2020 permitting abortions only in the case of rape, incest, or threat to a mother’s health. This ban applies equally to Ukrainian refugees and we’re hearing growing concerns of war rape victims entering the country and being unable to terminate unwanted pregnancies, on top of their precarious circumstances.

If you wish to help us increase our efforts in helping Ukrainian refugees gain safe abortion access, please consider donating to our crowdfunding page:https://bit.ly/WOW_for_UkraineAbortion pills are a safe, effective option for terminating a pregnancy up 12 weeks and are an essential healthcare service, one that is especially crucial in times of war.