Abortion ship Portugal 2004


The Women on Waves ship Borndiep stayed in international waters, 12 miles from Figueira da Foz a small holliday town in Portugal, from August 28 till September 9, 2004. The ship was being blocked to enter Portuguese national waters by two Portuguese war ships.

  • European Court rules that Portugal violated Freedom of Expression of Women on Waves.

    The European Court of Human Rights ruled today that article 10, that guarantees the freedom of expression, was violated when the Portuguese government send warships to prevent the Women on Waves ship from entering Portugal in 2004. With a ship, Women on Waves sails to countries where abortion is… Read more »

  • "Yes" to legalize abortion in Portugal!!

    On 10th of April Portugal's president ratified a law allowing women to obtain abortions until the 10th week of pregnancy. The abortion law will come into force when the government publishes it in official records, probably next month. Read more »

  • The Portuguese Diary

    Read more »

  • Media abortion ship in Portugal 2004

    The best way to get an impression of the discussion in Portuguese society is to look at the overwhealming press coverage. From august 23 on, we have collected more than 700 newspaper articles. Next to the continuous TV coverage on all channels public and commercial. It shows how our trip has helped… Read more »

  • Portuguese Parliament Approves National Referendum On Loosening Abortion

    25 Oct 2006: Finally almost 2 years after winning the elections the socialist government will held a referendum on abortion on February 11, 2007. If the referendum is approved by the president and constitutional court, voters will be asked: "Do you agree with the decriminalization of the… Read more »

  • Congratulations Portugal!!!

    20-2-2005: Today in Portugal the Socialist Party has won the elections! Now abortion can finaly be legalized and the suffering of Portuguese women end. The former government, a coalition between PP and PSD, refused to revieuw the very strick abortion law and even allowed for the prosecution of… Read more »

  • Signature Support.

    A petition was initiated by portugalgay.pt to support Women on Waves. Until midnight on the first of September, you can email them to support us. Read more »

  • Help in Portugal

    Since 2007, in Portugal a woman has the right to terminate a pregnancy until 10 weeks of gestation, whether you are a Portuguese citizen or not. This right also includes the right to full, free, and confidential medical care in the Portuguese National Health System. It is also possible to terminate… Read more »

  • Legal arguments against criminalization

    In 2007 Portugal legalized abortion till 10 weeks of pregnancy. The abortion law before 2007 dated from 1984. Prior to 1984, the law forbade abortion without exception. At the same time, however, abortion up till ten or eleven weeks of pregnancy was generally accepted and doctors, nurses and… Read more »

  • Press commentary

    New in Portugal, where questions regarding women rights have been treated as minor themes, most of the political stories about Portuguese political life in all ideological sectors make reference to the abortion question in Portugal. Next, some phrases of these commentators in important politic… Read more »

  • I had an abortion

    Here are some photo's of the action the Portuguese action group Panteras did together with students from the Berlin Hohe Schule der Kunsten in Lisbon during the ship's campaign in september 2004. Read more »

borndiep on the open sea