Rumours of prosecution exaggerated

A Portuguese anti-abortion group has accused Rebecca Gomperts of breaking the Portuguese law because she explained on the Portuguese television how an abortion can be done.

Women on Waves published a protocol on their website describing the safest way is of using Misoprostol also known as Cytotec or Arthrotec for women in countries where abortion is illegal and not available. Women on Waves decided to publish this protocol to prevent women taking recourse to unsafe abortion methods. The Portuguese government has not given any official reaction whether it will start an investigation.
Rebecca Gomperts has not been notified officially from this accusation and she has not been interrogated.
Since the announcement of the possibility to do an abortion with Misoprostol only, hundreds of desperate Portuguese women have contacted the Women on Waves hotline to request the protocol.

On Friday September 10th the ship the Borndiep sailed back to the Netherlands, leaving Portugal involved in a lively discussion on women rights. When the legal battle concerning the decision of the Portuguese Minister of Defence, Portas to refuse the ship?s entry to national waters have been won, it will return to Portugal. Women?s rights are not a threat to national security.

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