Quotes and emails

Quotes from emails we received during our sailings to Ireland and Poland.

“I am urgently looking for information about your services and contacts to use your services in International waters off the Irish coast. It is important to me that I get this Information as soon as possible. Please contact me soon?”

"Hello I am a 19 year old student, I got pregnant and I cannot have the baby. I tried everywhere for help but did not manage to. I saw your sight on the Internet and I really would like you to help me. I live in a small island in the Mediterranean called MALTA and as you know abortion here is illegal.I heard that your ship Aurora comes to Malta but I do not know when. I would really be pleased if you could give me all the information needed so that I will be able to find you here in Malta.Or else any other information or contacts so that I will have this abortion. Please you are my last hope and I am sure you can help me, please I beg you. Unfortunately I do not have an e-mail address but you can contact me on this address?"

"Can you please tell me what country I can go to to have a legal abortion since that I live in the Philippines and it is illegal here. Thankyou for your help"

"I am living in Oman and abortion is illegal in Oman. Can I come to Holland for Abotion? Pls ?"

"I found your web page this evening and do not know if you may be able to help me, however desperate circumstance require me to ask. I am an American student living in Egypt who is faced with an unwanted pregnancy. Being in a muslim country and having few financial resources, I don't know where to turn."

"I'm 19, I live in Poland. Few days ago I have passed my enter exams and now I'm a student of University. Today I went to the doctor and I know that I'm pregnant (it's 5th week). I was supposing that I'm pregnant for few weeks and I have been thinking what to do for a long time. Now I'm sure thatr I'm not ready to be mother, to give love and home, take care and responsibility for other human beeing. That's why I and my boy friend decided that the best way is abortion. But in my country it's illegal and I need your help. Could you send me some informations about places in Poland or Germany, Czech Republik, Slovakia where I could make an abortion. I'm also waiting for information about possibilities to get a help from your organisation. I don't heve much time and I need your help. I'm waiting !!!!"

"I am completely distressed, my period is 3 days late. I am a virgin and was only having 'petting' with my boyfriend, I think I got pregnant by getting sperm on my hands or on my boyfriend's hands. I am distraught and have had several sleepless nights. I am afraid to tell her parents and have thought of suicide as an answer to my predicament. I will do a pregnancy test, my boyfriend is still unaware of my pregnancy."

"These are the last days that you can help me. I couldn't know that people in my country would make so many problems about your action "Women on Waves". You are my last chance to live as I've planned...I'm still counting on you, Help me please, I'm desperate."

"We have a problem that we cannot solve by ourselves. My girlfriend is in the 3rd week of pregnancy. We are young and I don?t know what to do, could you help me? How much does the help cost and could you tell me if its dangerous for the health of my girlfriend. Could she become infertile? I read on your website about the possibility of severe pain and the painkiller. What kind of medicine is that? Is it efficient and safe? Please respond quickly."

" I am 3 months pregnant, have no food for tomorrow for my 2 other kids. I want an abortion, but do not have the 1000 zlotys needed (approximately 250euros ). I am very poor, from a small village where nobody knows about my pregnancy, I am afraid of my husband's reaction. I has been jumping from the furniture to cause miscarriage. I beg you for help."

"I don't know if I should write in English or Polish? so I'll write in Polish. I would like to ask how I can as quickly as possible make an appointment to use your services on open sea. Can you offer me advice as to how I can protect myself from view of the people protesting in the harbour. I am concerned that my family might recognise me. Please answer me. Thank you."