They allowed the abortion as if it was a favor...

The misfortunes women have to live through in this country never end. You must have seen it, read about it or heard about it. The most recent of the disasters happened to 24-year-old Ayşe K. from the Mediterranean town of Fethiye.

Ayşe K. had two children with her husband, before the two divorced. She then had a boyfriend, Gökhan A. She figured out soon enough that her boyfriend had no regular job and was involved in a lot of trouble. From the numerous subpoenas arriving at their address, she understood that her boyfriend was involved in arms smuggling, drug dealing, and had a record of injuring people.

She decided to break up. That’s when the disaster started.

The guy did not accept the break up. Ayşe K. then ran away from home and started staying with friends. The guy looked for her, found her, and took her back home.

Another ordeal then started for her. The guy beat her up at every opportunity, she told him that she wanted to break up at every opportunity. In the end, he shot her with a shotgun.

He didn’t only shoot her; he also killed her mother.

Ayşe was two months pregnant. The bullet wound in her arm became infected. Because she was pregnant, she was not suitable for medication.

For God’s sake, have some empathy... I am calling on men, think of yourself as a woman, which would you prefer?

Would you want your arm, or would you want an unwanted child from an unwanted man?

Can you imagine? In this country, it happens to be that in order for Ayşe to have an abortion, the consent of the person who shot her and then killed her mother is required. Or the Health Ministry has to give a special permit. There is no other way…

While I was writing this piece, Ayşe K. said the following: “I’m in a very difficult situation. I want to abort the pregnancy. If I have this baby, I cannot take care of three children with one hand.” She was crying out for help.

Then, in the evening, we were told that the Health Ministry had given permission for the abortion. What a huge favor! May God bless them! If they are expecting any applause, they will have to wait a long time…

In this kind of case, the right to decide should only belong to the woman. However, unfortunately, the father’s consent is sought. If it isn’t given, special permission must be given by the Health Ministry…
All this nonsense, humiliating for women, needs to be tackled.

Assume the permission was not given. The woman is unable to have an abortion. Well, then that means the woman’s arm would be sacrificed…

Is there a human being out there who would agree to this?

Success does not endorse violence

Anything that happens to us in this country can stem from a tiny sentence, from an innocent idea. It does not matter who did what to whom. Somebody slapped somebody. That slap can then be magnified and make its way to the headlines in the papers. We then discuss the matter endlessly.

Do you know what the dominant view is? “It is not a big deal if it is only one slap…”

I will tell you what this is: Fascism. These kinds of things start in the family - a husband slaps his wife or child and then that child grows up with the idea that people can slap each other. When he grows up he then beats his own child, and others.

What Galatasaray Liv Hospital basketball coach Ergin Ataman did recently was wrong. Forgiving him was not correct either. The criterion here is not success.

If a successful coach is allowed to beat his player who made a mistake, then a father can beat his child. This would then spread to every level of society. Everyone would be able to beat each other. It would be a national disaster.

Anyway, we are already in that disposition, aren’t we?