Abortion clinics and associations in Denmark

Womxn can request abortion by filling in "Request for abortion", form A.
A signature needs to be done by a GP, gynecologist, or any doctor in order to perform the abortion. Abortion procedures can be performed at all departments of gynecology of Danish hospitals and in most clinics of gynecology. Danish Healthcare System covers the costs. It is standard care to perform at medical abortion at home under supervision of health staff (up to week 9). At later stages in pregnancy (after weeks 9) abortions are performed in the hospital. Abortion is free up to week 12. Hereafter a local Council (Samrådet) evaluates each case. The Council can be permit abortion up to week 23 depending on the indication i.e. the reason why you are seeking abortion. Generally, women’s needs, health etc. have high priority in the Danish Health Care System.



ou can get more advice to your specific case by contacting one of the Clinics mentioned here:


Clinic in Copenhagen

Lergravsvej 57,  2. sal
Copenhagen 2300
Tel: +45 33 93 1010


Other clinics in Denmark – find information here:

https://www.sexogsamfund.dk/viden/klinikkerCounseling centre for foreign women (Mødestedet): 


Counseling centre for foreign women (Mødestedet):