Anti-abortion rights deputies and groups will try to shut down the hotline

Anti-abortion rights groups backed-up by two deputies claim they will try to shut down the Safe abortion hotline.

Deputies Marcelo Forni from the UDI political party, Franisco Chahuan and the "redes de organizaciones por la vida y la familia" (Network of organizations for Life and the Family)
claim they will take action to shut down the safe abortion hotline that was launched yesterday.
The event was covered by a wide range of national and
international press, from television, radio, and print
media. Interested women also approached the organizers
wanting to get involved in supporting the initiative. The
same day, grafitti bearing the hotline number appeared in
Santiago, Concepcion, and Temuco.

Numerous women are already calling the hotline.

To shut down the hotline would be a severe violation of the
constitutional right to freedom of Information.


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