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Local Organizations and Resources

  • L'Associació | Drets Sexuals i Reproductius -
    NGO based in Barcelona- Advice and services related to abortion within Spain or traveling abroad. They facilitate access to public and free abortion in Spain regardless of the legal situation of the person. Advice on the legal procedure and support for therapeutic abortions beyond 22 weeks of pregnancy. All services are free and confidential.
    Indications to access abortion services in Spain. It focuses on Catalonia but also provides information on other autonomous communities.
    Whatsapp 644647553

Community Comments

  1. "Mifepristone can only be accessed through health services.
    Misoprostol is not distributed to the public. It is only available in pharmacies with a prescription. Access to misoprostol in Spain is limited. Sometimes even with a prescription, some pharmacies deny access if they see, for example, that they are young women. It is suggested to contact organizations allied to the IVE that can advise women on access to medication and service.
    According to current legislation, abortion in Spain must be available to all women without discrimination. This includes and means that all women, in their diversity, have the right to access abortion: underage women, migrant women in an irregular situation, women living in rural areas, impoverished women, women with disabilities, others.
    Another recommendation is that women who need information on how to access abortion consult allied organizations that work on the issue and provide them with adequate and timely information and support, depending on the case and the number of weeks of gestation."
    Women's Link Worldwide - December 2022


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Abortion law Spain

Abortion is legal on demand within the first trimester.

Spain clinics and associations

In Spain abortion is legal and free up to 14.0 weeks of pregnancy.

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