Instagram censor Abortion Rights Face-filter.

February 27, 2020:
Instagram did not approve the virtual face-filter version of the Lady Liberty Abortion Pill Crown, a jewellery designed by Eva van Kempen. The campaign was planned to launch today, March 4 th, with the start of US Supreme Court hearing of the case challenging a deceptive law that aims to eliminate access to abortion care.

The Crown, made after the crown on the head of the statue of Liberty in New York, is a piece of jewellery art made of Abortion Pills by Eva van Kempen for the exhibition Nuda Vita in support of the right to get free access to Abortion Pills.  

A virtual version of the Abortion Pill Crown has been designed as a face-filter for instagram by augmented reality artist Chloe Karayiannis.  When opening your mouth the abortion pills are released from the crown. Instagram did not approve the face filter claiming that :"The effect is not suitable for the Instagram general user base (including those aged 13 and above). (Policy 4.3)"  Our appeal was also denied.

By refusing to display the face-filter, Instagram is violating  Article 19 of the Universal declaration of Human rights, the right to freedom of information as well as Article 10 of the European convention of human rights, the freedom of expression.

The statue, an icon of freedom and of the United States, was a gift from the French and the French also invented the abortion pill. An abortion with pills at home is very safe [1]  and has the same health impact as a spontaneous miscarriage.  The risk of an abortion with medicines is similar to the risks of commonly prescribed medicines and over the counter medication such as antibiotics and some painkillers. [2] [3]  However In countries like the USA access to abortion pills is extremely restricted and research showed that cost of the abortion, distance to the clinic, obligations from  childcare, work and school, psychiatric illnesses, domestic violence and concerns about privacy cause severe obstacles to access abortion care. [4]  

By making abortion pills available in pharmacies like any other safe medicine, the obstacles to access abortion services can be solved.


For access to information and abortion pills: 


For seeing the real Crown please look at this short documentary from Arte at min 2.41: