Abortion law Hungary


In Hungary, the Constitution states that life begins at conception, which will likely result in a challenge of current abortion law that allows non-medical abortions up to 12 weeks of pregnancy

Mifepriston is not available in Hungary

Some useful information

The upper limit for legal abortion in Hungary is 12 weeks of gestation. A woman is forced to go to a specific hospital/university hospital that connected to her address, if she wants to go to another place she must pay for the consultation. A gynecologist in hospital/university department must do an ultrasound to verify the gestational age of her pregnancy. Then, with that paper must she go to a so called 'Family Planning Centre' where a specially trained midwife inform her about the contraceptive possibilities and tries to force her to change her mind.
She has to come back  three days later in order to get a declaration from midwife that she can obtain abortion due to social reason. With that paper she can get an abortion in the hospital.

Official Law on Abortion

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