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"Ask Mads Hotline" is a Safe Abortion Information Hotline was launched in partnership with Asia Safe Abortion Partnership (ASAP)
It is a mobile phone, email and FB chat hotline in the Philippines, for those who experience unwanted or unplanned pregnancy and looking for information about the possible options, including information about safe abortion.

The hotline was founded in recognition of the reality that the Philippines continues to be one of the few countries that criminalize abortion, but, according to the Guttmacher study, about 800,000 abortions occur every year, which are mostly unsafe. Hence, complications from abortion are the 3rd leading cause of maternal deaths (DOH, 2012). It necessary not to forbid women of their basic right to scientific information, especially information about safe abortion.

In accordance to the Philippine Law, the hotline will NOT conduct an abortion, neither dispense abortion pills nor make referrals to underground abortion clinics.


Ask Mads Hotline Numbers:

GLOBE: (+63) 927-3016907

SMART: (+63) 939-5277721


Twitter: @askmadshotline


Website: (under construction)


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