The Portuguese Diary


  • What happened in Portugal...

    The ship and its crew leave for Portugal on august 23 on the invitation of the Portuguese organization Não te Prives, Youth Action for Peace, UMAR and Club Safe. Before departure, the ship is inspected by the Dutch authorities and gets permission to leave. The medicines on board are sealed by a… Więcej »

  • Riot in EU

    Two days after the ship arrived back in the Netherlands and the treatment stored again till the next campaign, the European Parliament debates the events in Portugal. This is what Constant Brand, an associated press writer, reports Więcej »

  • Opinion polls

    As planned the Dutch Women on Waves team flies back home. But since the ship has left, some opinion polls have been published, Więcej »

  • Medics for freedom

    Specialists, general physicians, nurses and midwives come from all over Portugal to attend the workshop for medical professionals. Więcej »

  • Borndiep heads back home

    For the last time the Portuguese shuttle boat visits the Borndiep in international waters to brings the last supplies before the ship will sail back to the Netherlands later that afternoon. It is the last opportunity for journalists to see the ship. Więcej »

  • Rumours of prosecution

    The Misoprostol webpage and the medicines Cytotec and Arthrotec are shown all over the television and in the newspapers. Więcej »

  • Talkshow Teachings: how to induce abortion

    On Tuesday morning, Rebecca Gomperts was featured on the Portuguese talkshow SIC 10 horas, in a show titled: Face to Face Abortion Boat. This Portuguese talkshow does not perhaps contain the most cutting edge reporting, but does reach thousands of Portuguese women. Więcej »

  • Live on television

    Explaning how to do an abortion on television Więcej »

  • Going to court

    The fundamental rights to freedom of movement, information, reunion, expression and manifestation of the ship’s crew, Women on Waves and the Portuguese organisations are violated by the decision of Paulo Portas and we have asked the judge to overturn the decision and allow the ship to enter in the… Więcej »

  • Art and Politics

    In the morning the ship returns from Spain and again takes its drifting position outside of Figueira da Foz. The two Dutch parliamentarians visit the Borndiep. Lousewies van der Laan states to the press that she had thought that Portugal would have been able to handle a democratic debate and that… Więcej »

  • More dutchies

    The Dutch members of Parliament Lousewies van der Laan from Democrats 66 (D66) and Khadija Arib from the Labor Party (PvdA) fly to Portugal. This evening they participate in a discussion with the Portuguese Socialist Party (PS), the Left Block (BE) and the Communist Party. Więcej »

  • Feed me, Paste me

    The Borndiep is out of fuel and running low on drinking water. Once more the captain requests to enter the port, this time only to refuel. The harbor authorities do not even answer on the emergency channel. Więcej »

  • Small, calm, quiet, hidden

    At 1:00AM a Catholic church group gathered before the Figueira da Foz town hall to hang pro life posters sponsered by Human Life International and Pró Vida e Pró Familia Brasil. The slogan was: Who loves does not kill. Więcej »

  • Unexpected visitors and action by Dutch Minister

    Pressured by the Dutch members of Parliament Bot contacted the Portuguese Ministry of Foreign Affairs about the Borndiep. Bot says he respects the decision of the Portuguese government but kindly requests them to allow the ship in their territorial waters. In the meantime, very early in the… Więcej »

  • Manifestation in Lisbon

    About 250 people protest against the decision of the Portuguese government to forbid the Women on Waves ship to enter Portugal outside the official residence of the prime minister of Portugal, Santana Lopes in Lisbon. Więcej »

  • Real People Speak

    Politicians have been making statements left and right, the European Commission has started grinding, the press has been all over since the beginning, activism organizations have been mobilizing their volunteers, but now, now finally Portuguese people are starting to voice their opinion on abortion… Więcej »

  • Politicians denied permission

    The Portuguese Parliamentarians, Francisco Louçã from the Portuguese Left Block, Jamila Madeira, member of European Parliament and Odete Santos from the Communist Party attempt to sail the Borndiep into Portuguese waters, but are stopped by the surrounding military boats. Więcej »

  • What's happening on the internet?

    Saturday, 28th of August - JM Portugal is continuing on the path of error and hypocrisy! It is European when it likes, Iberian when it needs to be and Atlantic when it wants! Let the women abort, let this country live in Freedom! Not with this government that turned out to be nothing! Więcej »

  • Borndiep still in international waters

    In an effort to help realize Women on Waves' goals, Juventude Socialista (JS), the youth section of Portugal's Socialist Party (PS), sails to the Borndiep and holds a press conference there. Więcej »

  • F 486 przeciwko RU 486

    Zdjęcie F486 Baptista de Andrade , statek wojenny który blokuje drogę Borndiep . Czy portugalska Marynarka Wojenna wie że Mifepristone, tabletka aborcyjna, jest zarejestrowana pod nazwą RU486? Więcej »

  • War?!

    Two Portuguese war ships monitor the movements of the Borndiep during 24 hours to prevent the ship from entering national waters. The captain continues to ask for permission to enter the harbor of Figueira da Foz. Unfortunately the harbor authorities are not responding to its attempt to communicate. Więcej »

  • Entry ship denied

    In the afternoon we have an improvised press conference after we hear that the Portuguese Minister of defense Paulo Portas refused the Women on Waves ship “Borndiep�? permission to enter national waters. Więcej »

  • Requesting permission to enter the harbor of Figueira da Foz

    In the morning Women on Waves visits the harbormaster of Figueira da Foz and officially requests him to authorize their entrance into the harbor. Więcej »