15 th of June, 2008

Trainings and preparations


New action plans, now there is no ship to launch the hotline.
After all, the ship could only have helped a few women, and the most important aspect of the campaign always was the helpline, which will be in place here so that women will still get help after the campaign ends. The question remained: How can we launch the hotline without the attention that the ship would bring?

We held trainings in which the Ecuadorean activists were trained to answer the hotline and deal with the press.

They got overfed with information about Cytotec, scientific publications, and World Heath Organisation publications.

In the hotline training, Gunilla, a gynecologist, answered medical questions, and Cecilia, who participated in the Portugal campaign and who continued the work of the hotline there after the ship left, gives examples of the type of questions the hotline gets. The local hotline team shared their ideas and concerns about the local situation, legal questions, and ideas for making the hotline more inclusive of other concerns that people might phone with.

Meanwhile, in the other room, the press team discussed strategies and prepared answers to probable questions that would come up in reaction to the hotline and the actions.

Up on the roof, the others are making a huge banner in the meantime.