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Organizations and Resources

  • Women on Web
    Abortion pill access by mail
  • Marie Stopes South Africa
    Safe Abortion Services, Post-Abortion Care, Contraception, STI and HIV Screening, Women's Wellness (Pap Smears, HPV testing, Breast Exam). The fees are cross-subsidised across the network, centres can offer prices that best suit the communities they serve.
    0800 11 77 85
    WhatsApp: 0600949173
    Marie Stopes South Africa on Facebook.
    @mariestopes_sa on Instagram
    @mariestopes_sa on Twitter
  • Abortion Support South Africa
    Offers abortion support. ASSA is a support group for black women who have terminated pregnancies in the past.

    Abortion Support provides telemedical referral for abortion. You can visit and fill in an online consultation. You will be connected with a doctor who can write a prescription for abortion pills. You can pick up your medicines at a pharmacy near you.
  • South African Government
    The website and information for the Republic of South Africa

Community Comments

  1. "Misoprostol is available at pharmacies and hospitals with a doctor's prescription. Access is easy with a prescription. It is important to note that illegal abortion providers mainly use Misoprostol. People seeking safe abortion care can do so at a public or private hospital, at Marie Stopes South Africa or at at registered medical practitioner. Hospitals, if not providing the service themselves, should refer clients to a centre that does.
    Unfortunately, South Africa is riddled with a large number of illegal abortion providers, giving abortion services that risk the health and safety of so many women who seek safe abortion care. Posters on street lamps, websites over run with stock images, spelling errors, etc are to be approached with extreme caution. These "services" are often marketed as "cheap" and "pain-free." No pre-abortion counseling takes place, and clients are given doses of medication that can be unsafe. An abortion provider must be registered, and like any other medical provider, they must have safe, clean facilities that comply with the Health Infrastructure Norms and Standards set out by the Department of Health." - Marie Stopes South Africa, November 2022
  2. Abortion is free at some government hospitals and clinics. To find an abortion clinic nearby, you can send a private message to the Abortion Support South Africa Facebook Group -Anonymous, February 2023


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South Africa: Organizations and Clinics

Abortion is legal. Mifepristone is available as Mifegyne and Misoprostol are…

South Africa: Abortion law

Abortion is legal on request during the first 12 weeks of the pregnancy.