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  1. "Mifepristone is not registered in Japan and not available locally, but only through international organisations. If a person takes Mifepristone, or somebody sells Mifepristone, they might be arrested under the abortion clause in Penal Code in Japan. However, Mifepristone is currently under clinical experiment in Japan. Misoprostol is legal in Japan, but it is not accessible without doctor's prescription. Medical abortion is legally not permitted, and culturally speaking, medical doctors do never easily create fake prescriptions either for any reasons. So, it is equal to impossible for pregnant people to access Misoprostol for the purpose of terminating a pregnancy. We have never heard of any cases where women found Misoprostol domestically by any means.
    Abortion in Japan is always surgical, and not covered by health insurance. The first trimester abortion costs 800 euro. So, if the pregnant person does not have sufficient money, does not want to undergo a surgical abortion, or cannot obtain partner's consent for any reasons, first contact one of feminist organisations. Medical institutions would not easily make an exception to help you out, but they choose to abide by rules. " Anonymous - October 2022


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