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  • Hoe weet je zeker of je zwanger bent?

    Als je menstruatie is uitgebleven en je seks (vaginale geslachtsgemeenschap) hebt gehad na de laaste keer dat je ongesteld was, dan is het mogelijk dat je zwanger bent. Lees meer »

  • Example of prescription for misoprostol!

    Women in need of a safe medical abortion with misoprostol alone can make their own prescription to get the medicines from a pharmacy and do not have to pay enormous amounts for misoprostol on the black market that are even often fake. Lees meer »

  • How to use abortion pills if you have no access to an abortion clinic in the USA

    If you live in the U.S., abortion is legal in every state. However, it is a crime to induce an abortion if you did not get the medicines (mifepristone, misoprostol) from a doctor, nurse practitioner, physician assistant or nurse midwife who is authorized to provide these medicines. It is also a… Lees meer »

  • Safe abortion: low-literacy

    Lees meer »