South Sudan Abortion is illegal, with the exception to preserve a woman's life



Women account for over 60% of the population in South Sudan. This is not a force of nature but a direct result of over 39 years of conflict since Sudan’s Independence (2011). Years of conflict has not only deprived women of their dependents - husbands and sons, but the disturbing and conventional post-war society coupled with discriminatory cultural traditions and abject poverty undermines the promotion of equal rights and the ability for women to actively participate in the development of the new nation. Over 90% of women in South Sudan are illiterate, and 50% of girls under the age of 18 are married which contributes to the high rate of maternal mortality in the country which is still thought to be the highest in the world.

Gender based violence is a reality for many women, and abortion is illegal even when a woman has been raped. The Rule of law is largely inexistent and the majority of cases are dealt with using customary law which inevitably discriminate women and the minorities


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