September 28 th, 2012

Abortion Ship Will Visit Morocco Next Week.


For immediate release: "Abortion Ship Will Visit Morocco Next Week"
MALI ( Alternative Movement for Individual Freedoms ) has invited the Dutch organization Women on Waves to come to Morocco with the abortion ship. The ship can provide women with legal medical abortions (till 6,5 weeks of pregnancy) under Dutch law after sailing to international waters.

morroccan flag

Abortion is illegal and taboo in Morocco, but approximately 600 to 800 women still have an abortion every day. While wealthy women can afford safe abortion access, women of low socio-economic-status must often resort to unsafe methods that can result in morbidity and death. Therefore, access to safe abortion is fundamentally an issue of social justice. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), unsafe abortion methods cause 13% of pregnancy-related deaths.

MALI has invited Women on Waves to support the movement for legalization of abortion. To support legalization of abortion in Morocco, people can sign the petition. 

Another press release will be sent next Wednesday, October 3rd, in which the place, date, and time of arrival of the ship will be announced.

For more information please call: 

MALI- Ibtissame Betty LACHGAR +212610177421
WoW- Rebecca GOMPERTS +31652052561